Would You Want Your SO to Hire a Proposal Planner?

A new professional has appeared on the wedding planning horizon… well, ahead of it, really. This smiling lady shown above is Sarah Pease, and she plans proposals. In fact, she calls herself the Proposal Planner. She’s one of a small but growing number of professional proposal planners. According to her Facebook page:

we’re the go-to source for men who want to create the perfect proposal. Not only do we know what girls want in their proposal, we know exactly what will knock their stilettos off.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have wanted Mr. Twistie to go to a pro to figure out how to create some spectacular EVENT of a proposal. I like the fact that he chose the time and place on his own and said his own words.

There are a lot of people who wouldn’t have found Mr. Twistie’s proposal all that romantic. The setting wasn’t spectacular. In fact it was a family-style restaurant that still happened to be open when we got out of the theater ravenously hungry. The words weren’t poetic. In fact, it took me a while to get him to say enough words to figure out what he was trying to say.

But it was him and it him telling me in his own way that he’d thought hard about pleasing me.

To me, that was perfect. I didn’t need bells and whistles and hot air balloons. All I needed was for him to let me know that I come first with him.

And that doesn’t cost money.

3 Responses to “Would You Want Your SO to Hire a Proposal Planner?”

  1. I think that just the fact that their self description talks about men proposing to “girls” (not women) says everything. I feel like this whole thing centers around the idea that all women are really just girls (in stilletos) pretending to be princesses and waiting for a man to make the marriage decision for them. My husband did propose, but it was really just a formality after we (call us crazy) made the decision to be married together. Having the proposal become a big elaborate (and expensive) new part of the wedding industry does not, I think, bode well for the (apparently radical) idea that grown women can initiate anything, or be part of the decision.

  2. Gina says:

    Definitely not for me. When my husband proposed I was fighting a cold that had been kicking my butt for a week. It was right around Valentine’s Day. He came home from work and I was a snotty mess in my pj’s. He made dinner then got down on one knee. He said he was so excited he couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day! Like “Lisa in Berlin” above, we already knew we wanted to marry each other but I didn’t know what or when to expect the formality of the proposal. It was the sweetest most romantic thing for us!

  3. Mirafin says:

    HELL NO! How are people who have never met me supposed to know what I want better than the person who wants me to marry them? OK, maybe if you have already figured that you want to have some kind of big one that you just don’t have the resources to pull off your self I could understand asking someone like this to help, but then, what does it say that you have to go way over board just to propose? What, do you think she’ll say no if it some big, elaborate production? Maybe you should find someone who would say yes no matter what you did or said then.