Quickie Question: Which is Most Important to You?


Weddings do usually require some professionals. Many use them for nearly everything short of reciting the vows – and that works for many couples just fine. Others, though, prefer to do most of these jobs themselves, or to have them done by volunteers. Some would prefer to hand it over to pros, but are forced by lack of funds to do it all themselves.

So I’m curious. Of the following list, which two items would you choose to have done professionally if the rest absolutely had to be done by volunteers?

Set up and clean up of the site
Making wedding clothes
Decorations other than flowers

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer here. There’s only what works for you.

5 Responses to “Quickie Question: Which is Most Important to You?”

  1. Kelly says:

    Photography and Making wedding clothes for sure! Everything else can be done by me or my mom where those two things require at least some level of training as well as lots of practice.

    Yes, my cake might be a sheet cake or a fancy bundt cake, but no where is it written I have to have a four-tiered, white piece of art that looks too good to eat. Flowers could be picked from the yard or purchased at the local market and arranged myself. I mean, yes a professional bouquet would look more put together, but with all of the resources out there now, I could find a picture I like online and make that happen.

    I know they say to hire a professional to keep the music flowing, but I’m sure the future hubby and I could figure out a good playlist.

  2. SarahDances says:

    Making of wedding clothes and set up/clean up. The latter for stress/exhaustion reasons. The former because I just watched a friend of mine have her wedding dress made by another friend (and bridesmaid). Although she is a semi-professional seamstress who’s worked in bridal before, she second-guessed/bullied the bride the entire way (“I want this.” “No, you don’t. You’d look much better in that.”), and in the end, due to combined lack of time and technical difficulties, the dress was not exactly what she wanted. And she couldn’t really make an issue of it, due to their friendship.

  3. Nina A says:

    Photography and making wedding clothes. The photographs are the record of the day, and of the people who were there. It’s just not something I’d trust to a friend. For the wedding clothes, if my mother were still able to sew, I’d let her do it, but noone else. Unfortunately, due to arthritis she can’t.

  4. Katie says:

    Officiant legally has to be a professional in Australia, but I think I’d choose to have a professional anyway.
    And set up/clean up, because no one really wants to do that (especially cleaning up)
    My MIL made my dress, and I made the BM and FG dresses. The cake was made by a friend of a friend. Music was put together by my honorary brother. My cousin organised table decorations. The rest was done by professionals, but I know people who could and would have done it for us.

  5. Yosa Addiss says:

    The photography, and then it is a toss up between the set up and the catering. Tough poll!!!