LOVE/HATE: Let Them Eat Their Own Cake

For the past few years, wedding cupcakes have been big business. They’re festive, and everyone can just grab one, obviating the need for someone to stand there cutting cake all night. It’s a practical idea that makes a lot of people smile.

Well, recently another trend has popped up that’s just a little more elaborate, but still does away with that endless cake cutting: the individual wedding cake.

As you can see above, they’re tiny versions of a larger wedding cake. Typically there will be one full tier for the happy couple to cut and serve among the wedding party, while the waiters serve individual small cakes to individual guests.

Even though it reduces the cake cutting fees, this is still more expensive than cupcakes since each cake is more elaborately decorated and a little bit bigger than a cupcake, more often than not.

Is it for everyone? No. I don’t think there’s much of anything that’s for everyone. All the same, I’m coming down on the side of LOVE for this one. They look charming, and there’s something delightfully indulgent about the concept of eating an entire cake by yourself… even a very tiny one.

What about all of you?

One Response to “LOVE/HATE: Let Them Eat Their Own Cake”

  1. sarahj says:

    The worst part of those cakes is that they usually start at at least $10 per mini-fondant cake (everywhere I’ve looked, and I’ve looked to set our prices at the bakery), and with a cake that small you are going to have a much higher fondant to cake ratio. I know at our bakery something like is in the picture would start at $13 (could go higher with a fancy flavor/filling/set-up/stand rental)