What Once Was Lost….

Wedding rings are precious, but they’re also small fiddly things it’s surprisingly easy to lose.

The couple shown above are Lena and Ola Pahlsson. One day in 1995, while Lena was in the midst of a marathon baking session for Christmas, she lost her ring.

The couple searched over and over. When they remodeled the kitchen several years later, they even looked under and behind appliances and under the floorboards. No luck.

Sixteen years after the ring disappeared, Lena was in the vegetable garden pulling up some delicious carrots, when one of them proved to have something surprising on it: her long-lost wedding ring!

This is just one of seven amazing stories of lost and found wedding and engagement rings in an article over at Neatorama. Go read them for a combination good laugh and glowy feeling of things coming right in the end. Oh, and to get a couple good ideas of what never to do with your wedding ring!

One Response to “What Once Was Lost….”

  1. Amber says:

    Great post! I can’t imagine the excitement of finding a lost ring especially years later! Thankfully, I’m in the habit of sticking my engagement ring back in the box it came in whenever I need to take it off (doing dishes for example). It never gets lost that way. 🙂 *crosses fingers* haha