LOVE/HATE: Bridal Party Prints

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When thinking about what the wedding party will look like, many brides have a clear vision right from the start. Some imagine matching dresses, shoes, jewelry, make up, and hairstyles for all. Some think of a single-color free-for-all where she says ‘blue’ and everybody just goes out and gets what they want, and then styles it their own way.

One thing both generally have in common is the assumption that these dresses will be in a solid color… but that’s not in any way required.

I’m not personally all that wild about this particular Betsey Johnson dress worn by the bridal party above… but I really like the idea behind it. I think it might be fun to see more weddings where the bridesmaids wear stripes or floral prints or polka dots. It’s festive, and my guess is that a lot of women who will never, ever, ever on pain of death wear that shell pink chiffon evening gown or the emerald green taffeta ballgown again might actually haul this little sundress out of the closet and wear it for a variety of occasions.

So, yeah, I’m going with LOVE on this trendlette. I’d like to see a lot more of it.

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