Second Marriage, Second Chance

This May will mark the twentieth anniversary of the day Mary Jo Buttafuoco opened her front door, had a brief conversation with a teenaged girl she’d never met before, and wound up shot in the head by her husband’s underaged lover, Amy Fisher.

Fisher spent seven years in prison for the crime, and then became a stripper. Joey Buttafuoco spent four months in prison for statutory rape since Fisher was only sixteen at the time of their affair. Mary Jo underwent multiple surgeries to repair some of the damage Fisher did to her. The shooting had left her face partially paralyzed and she was deaf in one ear.

In short, this woman has been through some relationship hell the like of which I hope and pray nobody else ever goes through.

Still, Mary Jo has faced it all with pretty amazing fortitude. She eventually divorced Buttafuoco and has been going by her birth name of Connery. She wrote a book about her experiences. And while she’s been open, given interviews, and willingly discussing the details of the crime committed against her, she has not turned herself into a media circus star or spent a lot of time being publicly bitter.

So I’m happy to announce that on sunday, Mary Jo Connery took another chance and tied the knot with Stu Tendler, a print shop manager, in Las Vegas at the Always and Forever chapel.

Here’s hoping that always and forever is how long the happiness lasts this time.

I think the lady’s earned it.

One Response to “Second Marriage, Second Chance”

  1. Jaf Gifts says:

    What a shocking story. Not everyday you’ll come across with a strange story like this. Mary Jo is a very strong woman, WOW! I’m happy for her, now hat she found true love and a second chance of enjoying life with her new husband. She deserves to be happy!