Is It Worth It?

Weddings are expensive, amiright? You know I am!

Flowers, dresses, food, rings, invitations, linens, transportation… it all adds up quickly. It’s not surprising that some people do begin to ask whether it’s all worth it.

In fact, a recent article on The Huffington Post Canada asked just that question. Is a wedding worth the expense?

Unfortunately, the article itself doesn’t do much questioning, let alone in depth answering of that question. It just tells us about a couple of couples who spent a lot more money than they might have found comfortable to do on their weddings, and let one of the brides say that she’s happy she had a wedding because it was important to her to be married. Full stop.

The thing is, while the article promised consideration of how much is spent and whether that money is best spent that particular way… it just blithely assumes that a wedding will cost what it costs and there’s no real way to make it cost less, so the question comes down to whether or not it’s important to be married at all. Once you say yes to that, well, better make sure you can scrape up thousands and thousands of dollars to make it happen!

Funnily enough, a wedding and an expensive wedding are not necessarily the same thing. One can get married quite economically, if one so chooses. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a wedding will cost precisely what you’re willing to spend on it. If you determine that it’s worth the price of a marriage license and an officient’s fee, then that’s what it’s worth to you and you are just as married as a couple who decides to spend the gross national product of Lithuania on their wedding. And so long as you can afford the cost, spending the gross national product of Lithuania on your wedding does not make you either a bad person or a mindless puppet of the wedding industrial complex.

You and your intended are the only ones who can answer the question of whether a five hundred dollar budget, a fifteen thousand dollar budget, or a five million dollar budget is right for your situation. You are the ones who need to decide whether you can afford it, how you’re going to fit your dreams into your wallets, and what trappings are and are not necessary. It’s worth it if it’s worth it to you.

Just do keep your actual ability to pay the bills in mind and don’t do what Kirsty Rimmer Lane did last fall and pay for your wedding by defrauding – and nearly bankrupting! – your boss.

Lane embezzled close to two hundred thousand pounds from the video conferencing company where she worked as a part time accountant. That money paid for: two live bands, an open bar, an award-winning chef, matching black UGGs for all the bridesmaids, a magician to entertain guests, a fireworks display, feather masks for all the guests, a balloon artist for the kiddies, and bridesmaids’ gifts of jewel-encrusted iPods… among other things.

Possibly the biggest mistake Lane made? She invited her boss to the wedding.

Yeah, not the brightest thing she ever did.

Said boss – one Peter Sutton – wondered how a part time worker and single mom who made fifteen thousand pounds a year was able to afford such a lavish wedding.

As the happy couple headed off to a mini-honeymoon in the Lake District before going on their main honeymoon in Mexico, Sutton headed back to the office to double check the books.

Somehow, I don’t think that wedding was worth the cost.

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  1. Wow! Nothing says “classy” like matching bridesmaid’s uggs.