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Quickie Question: Big Blow Out or Intimate Celebration? | Manolo for the Brides

Quickie Question: Big Blow Out or Intimate Celebration?

Some couples have no real choice when it comes to the size of their wedding celebration. For instance, when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer way back when, it was a State Event. Even if their dream had been the two of them and the minimum required witnesses on a beach somewhere, it didn’t matter. The heir to the British throne was getting married and it was going to be a huge blowout.

But you don’t have to be famous for that to be the case. I’ve known a couple brides who had larger weddings than they really wanted because of family pressures or cultural traditions. And I’ve also known a few couples who wound up having smaller weddings than they really would have preferred due to budgetary constraints or other more complicated issues.

After all, not everyone wants bare bones any more than everyone wants massive hooplah.

Me? I loved the wedding Mr. Twistie and I had. In the end, it was roughly a hundred people on a picnic in the woods. I never wanted anything more pomp and circumstancial. I never wanted anything quieter or less populous. I wanted to share the day with the people who meant the most to us, but I wanted things pretty low key, because that’s the kind of people Mr. Twistie and I are at heart.

But I’ve had a great time at gigantic weddings with lots of tradition, and I’ve had an equally great time at tiny weddings with only a handful of people and no great consideration of the expected. In the end, I think the thing that made each of these weddings so good was that the couples holding them were having the weddings they wanted.

So, if the decision were left completely in your hands, how big would your wedding be?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Big Blow Out or Intimate Celebration?”

  1. Katie March 10, 2012 at 5:36 am #

    We had just under 100, both for financial reasons and because of the physical size of our chosen venue. There were a few people cut from our list, but the total was only 125-130.