Let There Be Pie!

Happy Pi Day!

(Image via Pie&)

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of pie. I’ll eat it any time of day or night. I love both sweet and savory pies. Blueberry? I’m there! Steak and Kidney? Equally there!

In fact, when Mr. Twistie and I were married, we didn’t have a cake. We had individual fruit tarts. They were delicious and festive and just a little quirky. Very us.

(Image via Achatz Handemade Pie Co.)

Mmmm…pie. Save a slice for me!

4 Responses to “Let There Be Pie!”

  1. I was wondering whats up with so many people talking about “pies” on FB! OK now I’m hungry! haha

  2. Jaf Gifts says:

    Pies as wedding cake? Why not? They look yummy and very presentable.

  3. I love Buko Pies as my wedding cake. If you’re wondering what Buko is, it’s from the coconut tree.

  4. The idea of having a sweet table filled with pies looks fun and rustic. It gives a homey, nostalgic feel. But the pie on top from Pie& looks strange and not very appetizing. The worst part for me is the cake pan as part of the display. It looks unfinished. It’s trying to mimic a wedding cake which it is not. I say, if you are going to do a pie theme…own it and make it look cute.