Get Her to the Registry Office On Time

When most women dream of their wedding day transportation, they think of limos, party busses, horse-drawn carriages, classic convertibles, or even helicopters. Jenny Klochko, however, hails originally from the Ukraine where it’s something of a tradition for brides to walk to the church so that everyone can see her and enjoy the festivities vicariously.

And so it was that she chose to take a city bus part of the way to her wedding at the Sutton Register Office in London. She and her bridesmaids walked the rest of the way.

The one downside to her choice? Says the bride:

‘I think they thought it must be a practical joke. No one even offered me their seat.’

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After the wedding the entire wedding party climbed aboard a party bus chartered for the occasion to take them to the reception in Wimbledon.

I don’t know about any of you, but I rather like the simplicity, practicality, and charm of a bride sharing the joy on public transportation… not that there’s anything at all wrong with a carriage or a limo. But life is a little more whimsical when at any moment a bride and her attendants might join you on a bus ride. I’m in favor of more whimsey in the world.

All the same, I think the groom was right in advising Jenny to give herself two hours’ leeway in case of snafus. You just never know with public transportation in some areas.

2 Responses to “Get Her to the Registry Office On Time”

  1. LOL I love pics of brides in unlikely places. They make me smile! ♡

  2. I love this idea! I wanted to take the bus to the church, but in Omaha, where we get married, the bus schedule is too spotty for us to risk it. I also wanted us to ride off from the reception on bicycles are how we get everywhere (we live in Germany, where this is possible), but the 4-lane highway connecting our reception hall and bed & breakfast was judged to be a bit too dangerous.