LOVE/HATE: Twelve Hour Twitter Proposal

When Mike Deurkson decided to propose marriage to his lady, identified on the Twitter feed only as ‘J’, he wanted to let the whole social media crowd in on the moment… for twelve hours.

He set up eight romantic dates over the course of those twelve hours, and tweeted to his followers on #MikeProposes about the significance of the locations and activities chosen. Apparently there was no fear that J would figure out what was going on simply because she doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Well okay, then.

J did however notice that Mike was busy with his phone an awful lot. One Tweet read:

1st challenge: J. wants me to get off my phone and focus on our time together.

Can’t imagine why.

Duerkson informed his followers that his lady had no desire for a fancy ring. She would rather the money be spent to do some good in the world. Mike gave her a card with a picture and description of the little girl in Paraguay they are now sponsoring. I liked that a lot… but then he got her the diamond ring, too.

Anyway, after twelve hours of very short dates in different places, Mike finally did propose to J and shared the happy news with all his followers that she said yes.

While I’m happy that it worked out for Mike and J, I do have to say I HATE this idea.

I’m not a big fan of the endless blowout proposal in the first place, but the endless blowout proposal that’s shared with hundreds of strangers while it’s happening… yeah, that frankly creeps me out.

I’m with J. Whether the proposal is a marathon of activities or a simple brief question, the person asking should be concentrating on the person being asked, not a Twitter feed.

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