Quickie Question: Famous Guest?

I’m guessing it’s not every bridal blog where you would expect to see a picture of Edgar Allan Poe looking all creepy at you.

The funny thing is, if I could have invited any famous person – dead or alive – to my wedding, Mr. Poe would definitely have made the short list, along with Oscar Wilde and Vincent Price. Mr. Twistie probably would have voted for Eddie Cantor.

Why these men? Because, in a word, they all knew how to have a good time. Oh, and Vincent Price was also known for his fabulous cooking. Had his arm been properly twisted, he might have brought along something tempting to eat.

Hmmm… maybe Vincent should win, after all.

What about you? If you could invite any famous person from any point in history to your wedding, who would it be? Why?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Famous Guest?”

  1. Lisa says:


    Famous person dead: We would have had Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer give the homily.

    Famous person alive: Barack Obama! For 2 reasons: (a) my husband has several biracial siblings and I think it would have been so great to have our first biracial president meet them all, and (b) it would have really riled up our Republican friends, ha.