LOVE/HATE: One Tight Trumpet

Okay, setting aside for one moment the fact that this gown is about the bisect this poor model’s bazooms, can we talk about the extreme hobble effect of the super-tight skirt? Because I think this woman is going to need to hop down the aisle with that little room at the knees.

And then there’s that… sleevelet? That odd little blip hanging halfway down her left arm. Is that meant to be a sleeve? Is it meant to be there at all? Because it looks a little like someone told Ramona Kaveza that sleeves are in and she tucked a Kleenex around the model’s arm to see how it would look and forgot it there.

In short, I’m HATING this one, and I don’t think if it fit it would help very much.

What say you all?

4 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: One Tight Trumpet”

  1. Katie says:

    Hate. It looks awkward and uncomfortable, and how on Earth is she supposed to.. relieve herself without removing the whole thing? As for that ‘sleeve’, it looks like it’s supposed to be a strap, but has fallen off her shoulder. And where’s the other one? It’s not enough of a feature to be asymmetric, it just looks unfinished.

  2. nina says:

    I actually like the one strap thing. I am considering another Romona Keveza with the same thing, and I actually like it. That said, this dress is ill-considered.

  3. Twistie says:

    @Nina: There are a lot of really nice one strap gowns out there, and Ramona Keveza has made some gorgeous gowns of every description. I think that may be part of why this one struck me as so awful. Of course, The Beatles did release Revolution #9. Everybody misses the mark sometime.

  4. tovah says:

    Love it, except that one breast looks larger than the other; or, it’s hitched up more.

    In any event, if she had some people to carry her to her groom for the ceremony, she’d be all set.