LOVE/HATE: Origami Tornado Strikes Again

I’m usually a big fan of Monique Lhuillier. In general, I like the flow of her lines, her tasteful use of tulle and lace, and her respect for the shape of a woman’s body. Her designs tend to be feminine and romantic without looking fussy or puerile.

This one from her spring 2013 collection, though, well… I have to say I’m HATING this one. I’m not sure if she’s standing in the middle of an attack of interstellar Charmin or if the entire world just dumped their used tissues on her, but either way she’s being swallowed whole with no escape.

Now excuse me while I go throw this poor waif a lifeline.

One Response to “LOVE/HATE: Origami Tornado Strikes Again”

  1. bridal girl says:

    Funny! But I do agree with you! I am looking at the dress for quite some time now and I am still figuring whether to love it or hate it.