Camping With McConaughey

On saturday, Matthew McConaughey tied the knot with longtime love Camila Alves. The couple had been together for six years and have two children together. (No word on if the bride wore blue bridal wedding shoes.)

The family shared the moment with about a hundred close friends and family members in Austin in a high end camp out themed event. After the ceremony, guests were invited to stay and camp out for the night… though I have to say I’m not sure I consider it camping when such amenities as showers, restrooms, and even air conditioning are readily available.

Still, I’d rather stay comfy than camp out, I must admit.

Camping purist or no, I hope you’ll all join me in wishing the happy couple a long, joyful marriage.

3 Responses to “Camping With McConaughey”

  1. The dress is superb. 🙂

  2. Such handsome man! The bride beautiful as well!

  3. Woah! They look stunning!