Please Don’t Lob the Lobster Thermidor

For those of you who don’t know (as I didn’t until the following wedding incident), this is Danny Guthrie, former star of the Newcastle United Football team.

This is Allerton Castle, where Guthrie was married on June 1st:

And this is an artist’s rendition of Guthrie’s wedding reception:

… except that the original is said to have featured a lot less pajamas and a lot more lobster thermidor than grapefruit.

According to the story in the Daily Telegraph yesterday, a brawl broke out at the wedding reception resulting in not one, not two, but three separate calls to the authorities to break up the ruckus.

An anonymous source said:

“They were chucking the lobster thermadore about. How can you comprehend such behaviour?”

I must admit it’s certainly beyond me. Wasting good seafood like that!

Despite reports that the bride wound up in the hospital, the police accounts of arriving on the premises three times to handle disturbances, and statements from the staff of the castle that the behavior of the wedding guests was ‘disgraceful and upsetting,’ not to mention the door that was physically broken in, the new Mrs. Guthrie is denying all rumors.

I can certainly understand a bride wanting to forget that much mayhem at her own wedding.

Still, once the dust has settled, I do hope that the Guthries have now seen the end of all violence in their marriage. Best of British luck to them… and since a great deal of the problem seems to have started with their respective families, I suggest not inviting them all to Christmas dinner this year.

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