Three’s a Charm

This is Sarah Clark and her new husband, Jonathan Humphreys at their wedding last saturday.

This is Clark’s parents on their wedding day in 1984:

And this is Clark’s grandparents on their wedding day in 1959:

Notice anything?

That’s right, all three women wore the same wedding gown.

Dorothy Sampson bought it for 30 British Pounds back in 1959. She wore it for her wedding, and then put it in the loft in a box until 1984 when her daughter, Catherine, married Anthony Clark.

Catherine, in turn, kept the gown in a plastic bag until Sarah announced her engagement.

All three women stand 5’11” and have a similar enough build that only minor adjustments and repairs were needed each time the gown was brought out. Genes will out, apparently!

In addition to the gown, these three generations of women have another thing in common: a wedding date. Each of them was married on June 9. Same gown, same height, same anniversary.

Will the tradition continue to a fourth generation, assuming Sarah Clark has a daughter? Says the lady:

‘I wouldn’t force my daughter to wear it, I would give her the choice. But it would be nice if she did.’

And that’s an attitude I can completely get behind.

2 Responses to “Three’s a Charm”

  1. Katie says:

    How gorgeous! I would have loved to have worn my grandmother’s gown, but unfortunately a dry cleaner sold it off when she couldn’t afford to pick it up many years ago 🙁

  2. What a beautiful wedding dress. One of those classic and yet eternal designs that are always in style. Beautiful!