Quickie Question: Ultimate Honeymoon?

We haven’t talked much about honeymoons for a while around here. But they are a part of the getting married process for the vast majority of couples, and they’re fun (if you do them right!).

Of course there are dreams and there’s reality. Mr. Twistie and I dreamed of London for our honeymoon, but that wasn’t in the budget. Instead we headed for the Great White North. We drove up the West Coast from our headquarters in California to spend a couple days in Vancouver and one on Victoria Island before meandering our way back to California again. We had a blast. Most of our time was spent exploring quaint or odd or even deliciously tacky stuff we happened across on our journey. We stopped when we were tired or saw a likely spot to spend the night, and we must have visited a hundred tiny antique shops on the road. The one hotel we booked in advance turned out to be a bust, but we found some delightful places to stay on other nights.

London it wasn’t, but it was a great trip. Besides, we got to London a few years later, too. That was amazing. I want to go back.

But enough about me. I know that for a lot of people the ultimate honeymoon looks a lot like the picture at the top of this article: white sands, blue water, lazy days in the sun, and rum-based drinks with tiny umbrellas. Is that your dream honeymoon? Or does yours look quite different? For those of you who have already gotten married or planned your honeymoons, did you get what you dreamed of?

Tell us all about it!

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: Ultimate Honeymoon?”

  1. Lisa says:

    We both prefer adventure to tanning, so for our honeymoon, I fantasized about taking the Hurtigruten ship line up the coast of Norway during the midnight sun. I had done part of this trip (albeit without the luxury of a cabin) earlier, and I knew it would be the perfect mix of romance and adventure.

    Unfortuntely, Norway is expensive and we had blown most of our money on the wedding and for my husband to move to Europe from America, so the cruise was out of the question. We spent 3 days in Copenhagen instead, and it was pretty great. Riding wooden rollercoasters at the history Tivoli Park — what a great way to kick off a marriage!

  2. Katie says:

    We are not lying-on-the-beach people. We dreamed of Macchu Picchu but between the wedding and a big overseas trip only a couple of years earlier, it was out of the budget. So we went to New Zealand (from Australia), and we had a great time, though I do wish we’d scheduled a couple of days for relaxation!

  3. Jon Ohayon says:

    I only have one place in mind, and I would certainly do it for my honeymoon. Familiar of the island called Maldives?? Now that’s a picture perfect honeymoon for newly weds. The beach, the fine amenities of the hotel, the food – everything’s in place for fun and relaxing time!