Twistie’s Sunday Caption Madness: The Feather Light Edition: The Result


Last week I caused you all to cluck at my choice of this deathless image:

… and two of you came out swinging with imaginative and apt captions.

You did not make it easy on me. But in the end, there can be but one winner… except in those painfully rare cases where I declare a tie.

That’s right. I can’t choose. You both hit me in my weak spots.

The inimitable Sarah C blindsided me with a reference to my favorite cookware:

Jill decided to try and make the best of it when a typographical error in the wedding registry resulted in the delivery of Le Poulet instead of Le Creuset to cook them in.

And Cara got me on the Anglophile side with reference to a bit of phrasing more common across the pond:

The American bridesmaids took the British bride’s request for a “Hen Night” a little too literally.

Both were entirely too good to choose between, so you both win… as do all of us who got to enjoy your captions. Congratulations, ladies! And thanks for playing.

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