Grand Slam Weddings?

Denny’s has announced it will be putting a new restaurant into Neonopolis in Las Vegas, home of the quickie wedding. And yes, this Denny’s will have a wedding chapel in it.

Why? Because Denny’s would like to remind us that before Facebook and Twitter, there was the coffee shop to act as a hub for social interaction.

Well, coffee shops do predate the internet, true, but not always as centers of social interaction. Sometimes they’re just places to keep warm when you’re down on your luck.

All that aside, if you’re in Vegas, there are a lot of places to get married. Unless there’s some reason that Denny’s looms large in your particular romantic tale… I really can’t imagine why one would choose it.

Still, to each their own. Some people like the idea of having Elvis marry them, some think drive-thru weddings are great, and someone out there – I feel very sure – couldn’t imagine not following their I do’s with a platter of Moon Over My Hammy.

Just don’t try to convince me the coffee’s good.

One Response to “Grand Slam Weddings?”

  1. I don’t understand it; first McDonalds is doing weddings and receptions now Denny’s? It seems more like a publicity stunt than anything else.