Hey Guys, It’s Monday Miscellany Back Again!


It’s been a wild and wooly weekend in the world of wedding news. I can’t pick just one story to cover, so lucky you, you get to see several things all in one article.

Over at the HuffPo wedding page, Ira Weissman has written an interesting article on why the diamond engagement ring is a worthless scam. Okay, he doesn’t use those precise words, but he makes it very clear that there are plenty of other options and it might behove more couples to explore them more fully before buying a diamond.

You know me. If you’ve got your heart set on a diamond, then I’m firmly of the opinion that you should have what you want, so long as you can afford it. If, on the other hand, you’re not sure what you want or you don’t want a diamond, this article could be helpful to you in explaining your decision to others… or in making the actual decision.

In news that makes you appreciate your own life and relationships, Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31, spent the evening before her scheduled wedding to Billy Rafael Brewster, 36, arguing with the groom. Unfortunately she decided to end the argument with a knife. Franklin stabbed Brewster twice in the chest, one wound going through his heart. Brewster was pronounced dead just seven hours before the wedding was scheduled to begin. Franklin, as you can well imagine, is currently under arrest.

Best of all, several family members – including the children of the couple – were on hand to witness the horror.

And finally, on a much, much, much lighter note, the news from Fashionably Geek is that couples can now order the fabulous TARDIS ring they featured a few months ago. Yes, Pathetic Paripatetic, the original designer, is now taking special orders for couples who want to send a clear message that their love transcends time, space, and even Daleks.

3 Responses to “Hey Guys, It’s Monday Miscellany Back Again!”

  1. Honestly I am not sure how many brides would be happy with anything but a diamond if they have ever expected a diamond. I mean the article is true BUT every little girl wants a diamond.

  2. Twistie says:

    Not every little girl wants a diamond. I never did. My engagement ring is a silver frog. I absolutely adore it.

    Some women want diamonds, and more power to them, but others don’t for a variety of reasons.

  3. Jelly says:

    I read the article and found it very very interesting and informative. It certainly reminded me of what my preference would be, should the day come: simple, unobtrusive, and not likely to fall down a drain (my grandmother wore her wedding band sans diamond because it went down the kitchen drain and she never replaced it). When I see the prices of some rings, I think of where else the money might be useful.

    I also know at last three women who preferred their engagement jade bracelet, necklace, or in one case, puppy.