Two Brides, One Dream of Social Justice

(Image via The Jakarta Globe)

Fish Huang (on the right) and You Ya-ting, both thirty, made history saturday in Taiwan. They were the first same sex couple to marry in a Buddhist ceremony in their country.

The wedding remains a symbolic statement rather than a legal one, since Taiwan law does not officially recognize same sex couples. A bill legalizing same sex marriage and the rights of gays and lesbians to adopt children has been making the rounds since 2003, but has yet to be either adopted or formally rejected. President Ma Ying-jeou cites the need for more public consensus before going ahead with the bill.

Still, Fish and You wanted to formalize their union and share the moment with friends and family. Female Buddhist master Shih Chao-hui presided over the ceremony in which both brides wore western-style white gowns and veils and exchanged prayer beads.

Said Fish Huang:

“We hope with the master’s support, the wedding will change many people’s perspective even though it is not legally binding. We hope the government can legalise same-sex marriage soon.”

Some three hundred well-wishers attended the ceremony. Sadly, the parents of the brides were not among them.

I hope you will all join with me in wishing the happy couple every joy. I further hope that one day same-sex weddings in Taiwan will be legal, as well as symbolic.

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