Color My World… Or At Least My Wedding

There are a lot of ways to choose wedding colors. You may have a scheme you’ve worked out years ago based on your – or your intended’s – favorite color. You may know what you want based on the setting where you’re holding your wedding or reception. After all, if the place is done up in green and gold, it’s easier to choose colors that will look good with what’s already there. Or a particular theme you’ve chosen might steer you in a color direction. Just remember if you’re having an Original Star Trek themed wedding, don’t dress your wedding party in red shirts. You want them to survive the ceremony, after all.

Some of us, though, have a harder time deciding on the question that will set the mood and the look for the entire event. Yes, I know, that sounds momentous. It sounds like making the wrong move here will destroy the entire wedding. Trust me, though, it probably won’t. It’s an important decision, but not a world-ending one. This should be the fun part of planning.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, maybe all you need is a little inspiration to hunt through. To that end, I’ve found you a couple resources that might give you a pointer in the right direction.

The image above comes from an inspiration gallery over at Better Homes and Gardens. You’ll find eighteen different color schemes illustrated, with links to pictures of real weddings based on those colors for each combination. It’s a great place to start.

Another good tool is the color wheel at You can pick a color range you want to work in, a level of contrast you prefer, or just let the wheel spin and spit out what it will. This one doesn’t direct you to weddings in those colors, but if you find something that appeals, you can go look at real things in those shades and see how you like them.

Color sets mood. It helps make the design cohesive. Whether your preference is graphic black and white, gentle pink and cream, giddy orange and yellow, or lush purple and red, your colors should make you happy.

Go find what makes you smile, and then make it your wedding day.

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