Inked Beauty

(Illustration via F@#k Yeah Tattooed Brides)
When I was a small child, nobody but sailors, convicts, and Very Naughty People had tattoos. Even my father who spent some seventeen years at sea between the Navy and the Merchant Marines never got one.

But that was a very long time and a different world ago. Tattoos stopped being so very controversial some time ago. But there’s one place where people tend to avoid talking about them, or treat them like a bad smell to be gotten rid of, and that’s the world of weddings.

After all, brides and their maids are all innocent, pure, genteel, or else they wouldn’t be getting married, would they? Yeah, right, and I’m Marie of Romania.

Love ’em or hate ’em, tattoos are a fact of life. People who have tattoos are often proud of them. After all, these motifs and images were chosen carefully to represent the wearer’s beliefs and priorities. So I say let’s celebrate them as much as possible.

(Illustration via Mountain Side Bride)

Whether it’s you or one (or even every one) of your bridesmaids, who sports ink, pick a dress that will frame it well.

Ultimately, the goal is for everyone in the bridal party to look like themselves very nicely dressed. Would you or your friends look like themselves without their tattoos?

I thought not.

2 Responses to “Inked Beauty”

  1. You picked one of my very favorite picture on the blog! I had been wondering for a while what made that tattoo image so perfect. You hit the nail on the head when you advised to “pick a dress that will frame it well.” And then your perspective: “Would you or your friends look like themselves without their tattoos?”


  2. Katie says:

    I tend to think that everyone should still look more or less like themselves at a wedding. My BMs wore dresses with sleeves, which would cover most tattoos on most people (though that had nothing to do with it) but where was the one tattoo in the group? On a wrist! I never would have dreamed of asking her to cover it though. In fact, hadn’t even thought about it until I read this article.