Good Advice for All Of Us, Not Just Introverts

I’m going to come right out and say something I don’t very often: I’m an introvert.

I’m not shy, really. I have no problem getting up in front of a crowd to sing, act, dance, or get married. In point of fact, I’m also a bit of a show off, so many people don’t twig to the fact that I’m also profoundly introverted.

I need time alone or I rapidly become irritable. I have been known to shoo even my nearest and dearest and Mr. Twistie from the room when I need that alone time.

But the fact is that weddings – you knew I’d get around them them eventually, right? – are rough on introverts in a lot of ways. Why? Because there are so darn many people involved, and they all want your attention right now.

If you’re an introverted person getting married, or you know and love someone who is, please do yourself a favor: head over to A Practical Wedding and read this lovely guest post on how to survive your wedding week as an introvert. It’s good advice that’s valuable even to a non-extrovert who might get overwhelmed.

One Response to “Good Advice for All Of Us, Not Just Introverts”

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh, that was a good link! I’m a big-time introvert and I had a ROUGH time in the days before my wedding. One of my biggest regrets is not carving out alone time, because all that social interaction that happened in the three days before the wedding left me completely exhausted by the time the reception started.