And He Thought This Was a Good Idea… Why?

I never spent a lot of time worrying about how I would be proposed to. I know there are women with very specific dreams and fantasies about the big moment when someone asks them to spend the rest of their lives together, but I wasn’t one of them. I was more than satisfied with a brief conversation in an all-night diner, because even though it wasn’t one of the more hearts-and-flowers moments of our lives, the actual conversation showed that Mr. Twistie had been thinking a lot about things that would make me happy. He just didn’t put those thoughts into flowery words or concern about a particularly romantic setting to say them in.

There are, however, those who put too much thought into the theatricality of proposing marriage. They concern themselves entirely too much with making a huge splash, and not enough about the feelings of the person they wish to propose marriage to.

One of these people is named Alexy Bykov. That’s him with his new fiancee – now wife – Irena. Yes, the massive amounts of fake blood were integral to the proposal he set up.

Bykov actually decided to prove to Irena that she ‘loved him to death’ by faking his own grisly demise by the side of the road. Said Bykov:

‘I wanted her to realise how empty her life would be without me and how life would have no meaning without me.’

Seriously, dude? Her life has no meaning without you? You do realize you’re telling her she’s utterly worthless there, don’t you? I love Mr. Twistie to death and back again, and he feels the same about me. But I do have value and meaning in my own right, just as he does. Each of us would be devastated to lose the other, but find a way to carry on, nonetheless.

Feminist ranting and all logic aside, however, Bykov hired a film director, stunt men, make up artists, emergency vehicles… even had a professional script written to stage a phony car crash where Irena would discover his lifeless body and be so overwhelmed with joy that he was really alive that she would immediately agree to marry him.

Bizarrely enough, it worked, though the lady did admit that she almost killed him for real when she discovered the whole thing had been a prank.

I do wish the happy couple well, of course.

But I would recommend that anyone reading this article understand that more often than not, this is not a stunt that will win you a lifelong partnership… but it certainly will influence people.

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