Quickie Question: Moustache, Moustache!

(Image via Cosmetic Candy, where you can see awesome images of this beautiful wedding put together in just twelve weeks)

So. Moustaches. Mr. Twistie has one, actually. Grew it himself and everything. In fact, in all these years I’ve never seen his upper lip naked. Shocking admission for a married woman, I know, but there it is.

Over the past few years, though, there’s been a trend of people carrying and wearing fake moustaches at weddings. Props for the photo booth or a photo op, favor tins and bags, cookies, napkins,there have even been moustache wedding rings made.

They’ve been sort of everywhere, and I’m not sure where that came from or what it ever had to do with weddings.

So I’m curious. How do you feel about the fake moustache wedding trend? So cute? So over it? So mystifying?

Did you have them at your wedding? Are you going to have them at your wedding? Do you care whether anyone else is still doing it or not?

One Response to “Quickie Question: Moustache, Moustache!”

  1. Jenn says:

    CanNOT stand them. I’ve been following wedding blogs for the last year and am still puzzled why everyone and their maiden aunt wants faux mustaches everywhere. I will be eternally grateful when this trend ends and something–(practically) anything!–takes its place.