LOVE/HATE: Halloween Weddings

(Illustration via Cake Picture Gallery)

Halloween is a popular holiday to marry around. You’ve got a built in theme, and it appeals to those who take a walk on the goth side or who enjoy freaking the mundanes… for those of you who are, like me, recovering (or not so recovering) Scadians. You’ve got a set few color schemes to work with and plenty of party store goodies readily available, there are usually some great deals on candy in case you want to set up a candy bar or give out miniature candy bars as favors.

In short, it’s got a lot to recommend it if you’re inclined that way.

But I’m curious: do you LOVE Halloween theme weddings? Do you HATE them? Consider them fun and daring? Disrespectful and tacky? Done to undeath?

I have to admit I’ve never been to an actual Halloween theme wedding, but like most themes, I think whether it’s good or bad usually depends on the gusto and imagination with which it is tackled by the individual couple in question.

After all, if the couple depends on black bridesmaids’ dresses and the DJ playing the Monster Mash to get their theme across… yeah, that just wouldn’t cut it. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where black and red is such a common wedding color palette throughout the year that that isn’t enough, either.

But a couple who truly commits to the theme and weds in Victorian mourning clothes or asks the bridal party to dress in costumes and carry pumpkin-shaped baskets filled with flowers rather than traditional bouquets? I gotta hand it to them. They’ve committed and made the wedding a true theme one.

In fact, I think I could actually LOVE a Halloween wedding where the couple pulled a Zuckerberg by asking people to show up for a costume party, showed up as, I don’t know, Cinderella and Prince Charming, or Spiderman and Mary Jane, or even Frankenstein and his bride, and in the middle of the party, a wedding breaks out.

So what about all of you? LOVE? HATE? Something in between?

Tell me what you think!

6 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: Halloween Weddings”

  1. SG says:

    I love the idea, I’d do this in a heartbeat if I thought my partner was up for it!

  2. Katie says:

    I think I could love a well done one, though it might help if I was in the Northern Hemisphere where it would be seasonally appropriate.

  3. Anna says:

    I like a Halloween wedding as long as there’s still enough about the couple to shine through!

  4. Having the guests appear in costume would be a great idea for the wedding. I’m usually not a fan of Halloween weddings, but would like that.

  5. SarahDances says:

    I was having this discussion with friends recently, and for the most part the consensus was HATE the idea of having guests show up in costume. Not everyone likes costume parties, and while normally you can just skip out on costume-required events, a wedding is different. Plus, you have the challenge of being wedding-appropriate as well, and the whole “enforced fun” thing just makes me cringe.

    If it’s a theme carried across by the decorations and such, I could get behind it.

  6. I think I would love it. Halloween is one of my favorite celebrations of the year and it’s fun celebrating it! You also have lots of options and choices for your ghoulish and ghostly to playful and whimsical set of wedding ceremony supplies. 🙂