Quickie Question: Photo Opt Out?

When you’re getting married, there’s a long list of shots your photographer expects to take. Bride alone, groom alone, bride with her family, groom with his family, the cake, the happy couple with each family, the happy couple alone, the getaway car, the first dance, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen… yeah, it’s a very long list these days.

And then there’s the stuff like this. Okay, I get the sentimental delight of a picture of the mother of the bride putting the final fluff on the veil or the maid of honor giving a final adjustment to the train right before the bride leaves the proverbial if not actual arms of her family to become one with her new spouse. But does anyone really need to immortalize the awkward shimmy that got her into her pouffy petticoats? Is it really necessary to have photographic evidence of what the bride looks like in curlers and the vestiges of the masque she wore to bed to tighten her skin for her big day on camera? How many brides find themselves in need of tranquilizers because they invited a photographer to snap lots of pictures just when they’re at their least put together and most nervous?

Or how about the now ubiquitous shots of the wedding party’s feet? I know how this one got started. Some couple out there wore really spectacular footwear and the picture of their shoes got passed around, and a trend was born. I get that. And if you’re wearing really neat shoes or have a truly fabulous mendhi (henna tattoo), I can certainly see wanting photographic evidence. But those shoes up there? Was there any need to immortalize those? They’re pretty darn off the rack.

Those are my personal least favorite ‘must have’ shots. What about you? What would you least want someone taking pictures of on your wedding day? Would the traditional family shots devolve into potential violence? Do you detest the rings on the Bible throwing the heart-shaped shadow? What do you not want photographed on your wedding day?

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: Photo Opt Out?”

  1. Jenn says:

    The one photo trend I despite right now is the 2 hands carefully cupping a single succulent/cupcake/etc. I love detail shots, but for pities sake take the in situ, so you can remember how things ACTUALLY looked, not the way a certain catalog would show them.

  2. Anna says:

    I think there’s certainly something nice about having “behind the scenes” shots, but maybe those aren’t circulated? I like all kinds of wedding photos but maybe would only share the more polished ones.

  3. SarahDances says:

    The jump shots. Why does anyone think they’re a good idea? What is the point? Everyone just ends up looking awkward, with a nice side of possibly twisting an ankle.