Lost and Found

It’s a good thing Vicki Belanger hasn’t moved house in seventeen years.

You see, seventeen years ago, Belanger’s siser, Valerie Lynch was putting sunscreen on her two very small children and her young nephew, all of whom were under the age of five, before heading off to a waterfront outing. She was doing this in Belanger’s back yard. As a precaution, she slipped off her wedding and engagement rings and put them aside on a platform next to the swing set.

Unfortunately, she forgot to put her rings back on before they left.

When Lynch discovered her rings were missing, she raced back to her sister’s house only to find… she couldn’t find them. About a year and a half later, Belanger found Lynch’s wedding ring, but not the diamond engagement ring.

And that’s where matters stood until October 28 of this year. By then, Belanger had met up with Kent Blethen, a jewelry hunting enthusiast. Belanger told him of her sister’s missing ring and Blethen offered to help her look for it.

After seventeen years, it took Blethen all of forty minutes to find the ring, still in Belanger’s back yard under roughly an inch of soil. The ring was cleaned, and then Belanger called her sister to tell her to come over without fail on the following friday.

This is how Lynch looked when her ring was revealed to her.

In all those years, she had never had the ring replaced. She just felt the original was too special.

After this, I think most of us would agree that the story by itself makes it far too special to think of replacing.

As for her husband, Mike Lynch, he’s relieved.

You see, today is their anniversary and now he feels he’s off the hook.

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  1. Elaine says:

    Aww. I actually teared up over this one. I’m so happy for them!