Quickie Question: Best Trend/Worst Trend?

Trends come and go in the wonderful world of weddings. One year everyone simply must dress their attendants in green and have a signature cocktail based on rum. The next, it’s all about the silver wedding gown trim and cupcakes. But what is the soon-to-be classic of the season and what the embarrassing white boy afro of the day?

We won’t actually know that for certain until history crowns the winner and starts laughing hysterically at the loser… but we can nominate our choices.

For my money, the best new trend of the past five years or so is the dessert table. Once upon a time, if you went to a wedding dessert was cake. That was it. More often than not, it was white cake with white frosting and all the flavor of licking a piece of cardboard. But as people started demanding better tasting desserts, they also wanted to expand the flavor profile so everyone can find something they specifically would like to eat. Enter the dessert table. It gives guests a choice, looks festive, allows the bridal party to have that peanut based cake despite allergy fears, since there will be another alternative for those who can’t have peanuts, and if you’re self-catering, you can ask your best baking buddies to break out their best recipes rather than choosing your cake according to who can make the prettiest one at a price you can afford. So whether your guest list includes people with potentially deadly allergies, vegans, folks going gluten free, or just plain picky eaters, it’s easy to satisfy everyone with a sweet tooth whilst adding to the decor affordably.

My runners up would include: photo booths, mix and match bridesmaid’s dresses, and the return of the sleeve to wedding gowns.

My pick for the bottom of the pile?

The bridal belt.

Seriously. All it does is add one more expense to dressing the bride, often ruining the line of the gown she so carefully chose in the process. It’s another fiddly thing to lose or have go wrong on an already stressful day, too. While I’ve seen a lot of these belts on a lot of different gowns (often carefully chosen and styled for photo shoots), I’ve only seen one or two that actually enhanced the gowns they were worn with. Even if it does look good, does it really look good enough to justify plunking down another couple hundred dollars on your wedding look when your budget barely covers catering? I have to ask.

Not only is it another unnecessary expense, it’s one that adds nothing to the overall experience of the occasion.

Other trends I’m so over: moustaches, jumping photos, photos of feet, bridal flip flops and sneakers.

So what about you? What are your picks for best and worst trends of the past few years? Anything you’re hoping picks up steam?

Tell me all about it!

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: Best Trend/Worst Trend?”

  1. srah says:

    I am pro-moustache! 😉

  2. I think I’m most over the stupid poses some wedding photographers get the bride and groom to do, the “thumbs up” is the worst -_-

  3. I’m over the jumping photos as well. For 2013, I am loving the vintage look and feel, and color schemes. Really hoping that will take off since it looks great.