Quickie Question: Favorite Wedding Colors?

For many brides, wedding planning starts with a vision of colors. Red, blue, pink, green, yellow, grey… whatever color combination makes her happy or seems to say something about love and romance to her.

And of course whatever colors you choose, someone loves them and someone else hates them. Some couples compromise if someone close to them has a difficulty with the colors they really wanted in the first place. After all, it might be politic to remove black from the color scheme if it’s going to upset grandma too much, or pink if the best man is uncomfortable with so much as a pink tie. Whether you do that depends on how much the relationship means to you as opposed to how important the color is to you. Only you can decide where your priorities lie.

Me? I wound up more or less avoiding the whole question. I didn’t specifically choose a color scheme, weirdly enough. In the end, the wedding wound up being mostly cream and silver grey with touches of red, which I liked. I didn’t go in saying ‘these are my colors.’ I just picked things I liked… and once I’d picked a couple things, others fell into place. But there were touches of every color of the rainbow at that wedding. Pink, blue, yellow, lavender, even orange made an appearance. I was tremendously pleased with my no color scheme color scheme. It left me open to options that kept the whole look from being too carefully matched for such an informal style of picnic wedding.

But I think if I’d specifically picked wedding colors, they most likely would have involved blue and/or purple. Funny how neither wound up being a major part of the wedding.

So what about you? Do you have an ideal wedding color scheme? A color you would never dream of putting in your wedding? One you love but worry is too cliche to use?

Tell us all about it!

2 Responses to “Quickie Question: Favorite Wedding Colors?”

  1. I absolutely love peach and lavender (not necessarily together) but they’re both so popular for weddings. It’s kind of frustrating!

  2. Katie says:

    I went in with a dream of jewel tones, and that’s more or less what I got, though probably if you asked anyone else, they wouldn’t have said I had a colour scheme. My bridesmaids wore sapphire (also on my gown), amethyst, and emerald, with the flower girls in different shades of the same colours (the littlest had an off-white dress. There was a yellow(citrine) sash, but for some reason that didn’t get put on her)
    The groomsmen matched remarkably well in their kilts (Pride of Scotland or Scotland the Brave or something like that) but my husband wore his own kilt in more muted shades.
    My cousin organised the tablerunners (and other decorations) and they were maroon/burgundy, while the chairs (actual chairs, no covers) were chocolate brown!
    I suspect that sounds terrible, but since we didn’t go all out with colour none of it clashed.