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The Mud-Slinging Grooms Cake

So, apparently, this is a thing now…

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Grooms cake shaped like tire in chocolate mud.

Groom’s cakes shaped like tires spinning chocolate mud onto a pretty bride’s cake. The thing about this is that, as you can see from the examples above, the skill level of the cake decorator has to be pretty high for this to not look like an awful mess.

Men’s Diamond Cross

Men’s Diamond Crosses are a trendy piece of jewelry these days; with the increasing penetration of the music culture, many pop icons and rap stars wear them to set themselves apart. Traditionally, fashion has always been associated with women, however as times have changed fashion does not remain restricted to women alone. Men are equally interested in looking good, wearing the best clothes, designer wear, and especially things that are custom made. Rather than buying something off the rack people prefer to add a personal touch to most of their possessions; the reason being the desire to look distinct, to stand out in the crowd. One way this can be done is through accessorizing, and a really cool accessory that can help make a statement is a Men’s Diamond Cross.

Men’s Diamond Cross pendants comes in a variety of sizes, designs and shades, thereby giving the option of choosing one that best suits you. Also, they can be customized according to your need so that you are able to get something distinct and eye catching. Their prices vary depending on the amount of diamond it has and its size. Because there is a great variety available, you can choose one that is affordable for you.
Before planning on buying a Men’s Diamond Cross, there are a number of things that you should consider so that you make a smart investment. The first thing is to decide how much you are willing to spend on it. Remember that more money does not guarantee more class. However you should have a modest budget so that you can play around with it, and are able to stretch a bit in order to get what is best for you. Another thing to consider is the size. Choose a size that compliments your body type. A big cross is likely to give you the “bling” factor, but it might be bulky and become a nuisance to handle and maintain.

Since it is diamond, it is a great investment and is likely to appreciate in value. Therefore, you must consider the caratage of the diamonds so that you are able to make the most out of your investment. Also, the color of the diamonds should complement your style, so that you give off a vibe of fashion and class.

TraxNYC is one of the companies specializing in custom made jewelry and also have a great collection of designs for Men’s Diamond Crosses to choose from. Their customers include well known celebrities like Ludacris, Akon and Jay Z. They offer a variety of designs for Men’s Diamond Crosses to choose from at affordable prices, and their latest designs can be seen at traxnyc.com.

The Teacher’s Favor(ite)

Here’s an image from the Wedding Chicks that has set me to thinking…

Pencils as Wedding Favors

Pencils given out as a wedding favor, an idea which can only be described as smart, fun, and affordable.

But, of course, this is the perfect favor for teacher’s wedding, especially if you use promotional pencils, with the bride and groom’s names, or maybe a witty/charming/lovely saying.

The best part of this idea (aside from the fact that it’s 100% less boring than jordan almonds and just as inexpensive) is that it can be adapted for any sort of wedding, from the most stylish (see the picture above), to the most whimsical (use mulitcolored pencils with humorous sayings).

Yellow Pencil Wedding Favors

Or, if you’re into tradition, try yellow #2 pencils, which would work well with a more casual outdoorsy wedding featuring sunflowers and daisies.

On Flowers in a Wedding

Weddings are the beginning of a life-changing and life-long journey to create life and live happily ever after. Hence, flowers and herbs have been used since the ancient Greeks to symbolize love, happiness, luck and long lives. Usually, the brides, and sometimes the groom too, would wear flowers and herbs around their head to symbolize fertility, fidelity, purity and ward off evil spirits. In India, flower petals were sprinkle over the bride and groom at the end of the wedding ceremony as a magic shield against evil spirits as well. In England, a small girl would lead the bride and her bridesmaids to the church while sprinkling flower blossoms along the path to ensure a life filled with flowers and happiness. The small girl is now called “flower girl”.

Bridesmaids have also existed since ancient Greece, and they would make the floral decorations including bridal bouquet and boutonniere.

Herbs had had different meanings. Dill was considered the herb of lust, and when carried down the aisle the bride would lust only for her husband. The aphrodisiac power of dill has not been yet confirmed. Furthermore, the Ivy was used to represent enduring love.

Nowadays flowers are still used in wedding for tradition and to set a relaxing, youthful, festive, cheerful, joyful and lively atmosphere. Vases for weddings are used as decoration and to extend the beauty of its contents, which usually are flowers. Cylinder glasses are also used as centerpieces containing water, flowers and/or floating candles; but more often are used to hold alcoholic beverages.

Would You Wear Glasses on Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is likely to be the most photographed day of your life, and it’s understandable that you want to look your best. Wedding plans take everything appearance-wise into consideration – both of you are likely to want your outfits and your hair to be perfect, and for glasses-wearers, eyesight is just another thing on the list of things to think about. Would you rather go for familiarity, or try something different?

Ultimately it comes down to what’s more comfortable for you – there’s no right or wrong answer, and truthfully the person who will notice the difference the most is yourself. These are some of the different options to think about in advance of the big day:

Laser eye surgery

It might sound drastic, but if you have a budget put aside for the wedding already, now could be the perfect opportunity to have your eyesight permanently re-corrected. LASIK surgery works by simply removing a small part of your cornea and reshaping the inside of your eye. It’s relatively painless, and can even be done at fairly short notice – the UK clinic Ultralase uses a blade-free Intralase laser, which reduces the recovery time and risk of complication.

Contact lenses

Contact lenses are a less expensive temporary option, and are ideal if you want to avoid wearing glasses but don’t have the immediate budget for LASIK treatment. They’ll ensure that you don’t have flashbulbs reflecting off your glasses lens, and allow you to enjoy the whole day clearly without being hindered or worrying about breaking your frames! You can even pick up lenses designed to specifically define features of your eyes, perfect for your special day.


The third option is just to stick to wearing glasses! If it’s what you’re most comfortable wearing, there’s nothing wrong with sticking to them – you could pick up an ornate frame for the day that matches your outfit or the theme of the wedding. Ultimately, it’s your call – not everybody wants to be sticking fingers in their eyes or worrying about lost lenses, and if wearing glasses means you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding without dealing with unfamiliar problems, then go for it!

If you wear glasses most of the time, chances are you see them as a feature of your face in the same way you see your nose or your eyes – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing! Now could be the perfect time to try something different, especially if you’re prepared to push the boat out – weddings don’t come around every day!

Selecting Designer Engagement Rings: Art Deco Engagement Rings

Although engagement ring styles seem to remain untouched during decades, with the dawn of each new fashion season there is a plethora of new, fascinating, exciting and sometimes extravagant and very offbeat freshtrends. It goes without saying that some of them will fade away quickly, while the others will become popular for years. Selecting an engagement ring is an entire ordeal for many men, since the modern market is abound with various engagement ring styles and designs. At first sight, the selection of engagement rings offered both online and at conventional ‘brick-and-mortar’ jewelry stores may be very overwhelming. However, if you know at least a few criteria for an engagement ring of her dreams, you can unhesitatingly start your ring hunt.

Designer Rings

Of course, it is a good idea to stick to traditions, especially the meaningful ones. However, when it comes to rings, especially engagement ones, it happens to be a matter of taste. Solitaire rings with high settings featuring impeccable Asscher or Princess cut diamonds are probably the most popular engagement rings today. Yet, on a par with conventional forms and cuts, there exist unusual, offbeat rings created especially for those women who like to make experiments and like to be different in the style choices. That is where designer rings come into play. Designer pieces not only are unique ornaments, but oftentimes true masterpieces. Today’s designer rings market can offer you the greatest selection of rings for all tastes, of ‘all shapes and sizes’. Designer rings are a perfect option for those men who are looking for an unusual and very distinctive engagement ring.

The Most Popular Designer Ring Styles

Modern jewelry style gurus offer the mixture of styles and forms in their engagement rings lines. Some of the designers embody in their pieces the most innovative ideas involving the revolutionary techniques and materials, as well as futuristic shapes and colors. Others tend to look back in time in search of inspiration: the employ Edwardian and Victorian hints and subtle details in their works. One of the most distinctive design ring styles today is probably Art Deco. Strong geometric forms, lines and symmetry are what Art Deco designers strive for in their engagement rings. Keep reading to learn more on this particular style.

Art Deco Engagement Rings

The Art Deco period (1925-1939) was a very fruitful design movement that gave the humanity some of the most intriguing designs in architecture, home interior, furniture, cars and of course, jewelry. Unlike Art Nouveau with its softness and natural motifs, Art Deco was all about glamour, chic and modernity. Art Deco design can be easily told by its distinctive geometric forms, symmetry and vivid, contrasting colors.

Although the designer movement began in Paris, in terms of jewelry, the art deco engagement ring trend was established in Monaco, with Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco. Soon, it was influenced from all over the world: engagement rings incorporated elements of Hindu, Oriental designs and Mayan patterns. Artists also borrowed some ideas from actual archaeological discoveries: they used blue faience, glazed ceramics, face masks and scarabs in their engagement rings designs.

Modern Art Deco engagement rings feature the following characteristics:

  • They employ bold geometric forms. The center stones have bold triangular, square and round shapes. Some artists experiment with more shapes, employing new forms, such as kites, baguettes and trapezoids.

  • They have symmetric forms. Symmetry is one of the Art Deco keystones. Although it is highly prized, symmetry is often lost in terms of coloration.

  • They incorporate different precious and semi-precious gems, such as sapphires, diamonds, black opals, corals, emeralds, rubies, mother-of-pearls, jades, as well as quartz crystals.

Another characteristic of Art Deco engagement rings is a filigree work which is so detailed and sophisticated, that the rings look like real mini jewelry masterpieces. Usually, the craftsmanship and quality of these rings is much higher than most modern engagement rings. As rule, Art Deco designer rings are larger than standard engagement rings due to their multiple gems and filigree work. When shopping for an Art Deco engagement ring, you can either buy a reproduction ring or search for original, antique one with its incomparable atmosphere and history. Check out our assortment of designer engagement rings for the most intriguing and vintage styles for your fiancée.

Guest post written by Dennis Polishchuk from Whiteflash.com, Houston jewelry store.

Short and Sweet

Monique LhuillierMelissa SweetWatters Bridal

As you can see, thanks to the suitcases surrounding the model in the Melissa Sweet dress in the upper right, these short dresses are perfect for the more simple affair – the elopement, the second marriage or perhaps the ceremony on your parent’s front porch.

As someone who’s been down the aisle more than once, I’m especially happy to say that most of the bridal designers are now including short dresses in their lines. Sometimes a girl just wants to forget about all the overblown formal wedding stuff, and rush off to Paris, or New Orleans, or city hall for a simple ceremony.

Happily, thanks to the likes of Monique Lhuillier, Melissa Sweet, and Watters Bridal (shown above) we can find short dresses that allow us the freedom to do as we please but are still unmistakably wedding dresses. We can have the best of both worlds. We can feel justified in ditching the over-priced caterers, byzantine seating charts, and unpleasant in-laws, but still look fabulous.

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