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Is it cold in here, or is it just you?

At some point in history, nipples ceased to exist. All right, we all still have nipples, but it’s apparently de rigueur nowadays to use all sorts of devices to feign niplessness. Wearing something slinky and sleek on your wedding day? Better hope it’s warm where you’re headed. If not, brace yourself for comments about leaving the headlights on and Tic Tacs. Or buy yourself some Nippies


Nippies for brides are lacy, sparkly, or satiny fabric appliqués that stick right to your nips so you can wear barely there fashions without letting people know that you are secretly in possession of (gasp) nipples. Safe medical adhesives ensure six to eight hours of sticktoitiveness, whether you’re walking down the aisle or getting your freak on on the dance floor.

It beats having to bust out the band aids, I guess.

When your veil is bigger than you, there’s a problem

From the always debonair Isidore Gallant comes this pic of crazy veil madness:

Brain eating veil attacks!

This is a Kleemeier lingerie creation that was shown at the Bodylook fashion show at the IGEDO fashion fair in Duesseldorf, Germany. My take? First off, in an unprecedented turnaround, the model is actually too small for the garment. Check out the gap at her hip! Her immense headgear cannot camouflage her tiny frame. Secondly, I think it’s perfectly yawn-worthy. The whole getup looks like every other set of wedding night unmentionables!

Me? I wore ultra-sturdy rebar foundation garments.

The Day’s Aside
Worried that your wedding budget isn’t going to stretch far enough? Mirassou Winery’s third annual “I Do with Mirassou” contest will reward one lucky couple with $5,000 toward the wedding of their dreams. Brides and grooms, as well as their family and friends, can enter. Contest entrants can also view hot tips from celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss, who successfully orchestrated the union of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. The contest is open now, with entries due December 1, 2007. Couples over the age of 21 whose wedding will take place in 2008 are eligible to enter.

Bridal Jewelry Tips: Earings and Necklaces

I recently received an e-mail from a bride-to-be who wanted to some tips on finding the perfect bridal jewelry to go with her wedding dress. I realized very quickly that I haven’t touched on that subject at all and felt a little silly. Not write about bridal jewelry? How could I have let that one slip past me? So to atone for my sin, I’m going to briefly touch on it now.

Swarovski Floating Y Crystal Necklace

The Bridal Necklace
According to Wed Alert, you have roughly five bridal necklace lengths to choose from. There’s the one to three strand choker, the thicker collar, the princess (which falls below the hollow of the neck), the matinee (which hits the top of the bust), and the opera (which falls below the bust and isn’t often a good match for most wedding gowns).

I love chokers and collars. Paired with a more modest gown, they can really shine. With a lower cut or strapless gown, however, there is often a huge gap of skin between the necklace and the dress which can draw the eye and look rather awkward. It that case, I think Y necklaces like the Swarovski Floating Y Crystal Necklace above look fantastic. With a high, turtle-neck type neckline, no necklace is needed.

The lovely Lori suggests: “making sure that the bottom of the bridal necklace does not fall below the neckline.” This is important!

.25 CT TW (I-J/I3) Diamond Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold

The Bridal Earrings
There is a ton of variations where bridal earrings are concerned and, as bridal earrings tend to be smaller and less eye-catching, there is more room to play. But there are still a few things to consider. Smaller, stud earrings look great with looser hairdo’s or even loose hair. Longer, more dangly drop earrings look fabulous paired with updo’s. If your necklace is elaborate, keep your earrings simple, like the diamond studs in white gold above.

In the end, just remember to balance your jewelry and dress. If your dress is elaborate, keep your jewels simple. Or go hog wild with your baubles if your dress is plain. If you’re wearing a tiara, consider going earring-less.

It’s easy. No, really!

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