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Inspiration: Cute as a Button!

Remember those beautiful button favor boxes and button place card holders I featured, oh, a long while back? If you don’t, maybe you remember Princess Lasertron’s amaaaaazing button bouquet. There’s a reason people say things like ‘cute as a button’ – buttons can be seriously cute, and are just one of those things that can be effortlessly incorporated into a DIY wedding theme. Observe:

Edible button wedding favors from Sugar and Meringue, YUM

Button wedding cake by The Caketress: http://thecaketressblog.com


Inspiration: Beautiful Bridal Headbands

Not too much to say about these beautiful bridal headbands, other than that much like bridal ponytails, they are easy and unfussy and just about the simplest way to top off a DIY wedding hairstyle. Here’s a handful that I’ve found on my travels around the weddingsphere that I hope will inspire you!

Via UntamedPetals (Etsy)

A sparkling bridal headband from...?


Wedding Inspiration: Ampersands!

Can ampersands be a wedding theme? I kind of like the idea of an ampersand wedding theme – it just fits. Bride & Groom. Bride & Bride. Etc. You & Me. Becoming we. It’s kind of obvious, but it’s definitely cute. Especially for a couple of writers or editors or librarians or whatever. Typesetters, maybe. Sounds like a wedding theme you’re interested in exploring? Here’s some ampersand inspiration!

Big ol' ampersand from The Back Porch Shoppe (Etsy)

From Paper Invitation Cards


Inspiration: 6 Creative Table Numbers

Table numbers – if you’re assigning seats or tables at your wedding reception, you’re going to need them. I know, I know, your table numbers don’t necessarily need to be numbers, so take these ideas and translate them into non-numbered table numbers if you want to! Because they are awesome and fun and definitely a step up from a number on a stick randomly erupting from a floral arrangement.

via Lil Missi, but easily DIYable with burlap wine bags, fabric paints, and stencils

via the Back Porch Shoppe


LOVE/HATE: The Misplaced Sash Edition

Oh, the bows and the sashes and all those little extras that can either make or break an otherwise perfectly good wedding dress! How I love to love them and love to hate them, all at the same time. Butt bows? flower barf and boob bows? Whatever this is supposed to be

But how about something simple, like a scarf? Or a sash tied loosely around the neck? Brides in scarves! Brides in neck sashes! It’s not for everyone, but personally, I like it. Maybe I don’t love the execution in this one case, but I can picture a bride with a scarf in my head and she looks spectacular! What do you think? Could scarves and the like become an accepted accessory for brides if done right?

Image by photographers Bela Adler & Salvador Fresneda

LOVE/HATE: The Everybody Wants One Edition

When did bridesmaids’ garters become a thing? This is one of those weird wedding accessories that I came across unexpectedly in a shop and had to do a double take. Before you start wondering if you have yet another thing you need to buy before the wedding, know that it’s definitely not a widespread thing. There are a few forum posts here and there about it and a handful of wedding photos that include bridesmaids’ garters on the legs of the ladies. But still, I can find some sources pushing bridesmaids’ garters as something we should all know about.

Have you heard about this? As an ’emergent tradition,’ is your first impression one of love or one of hate? My take is that if you have the money and the time and the inclination to take upskirt shots of yourself in your bridesmaids when you post for photos, then go for it and grab some bridesmaids’ garters (maybe even flask garters). But it does seem kind of silly to give yourself yet another wedding planning to-do when there’s a good chance that very few people will see the result of your efforts.

(Just had to add, how amazing and fun does this pre-wedding outing look? Wish I’d been a part of it!)

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Weird Wedding Tie-Ins

There’s a long tradition of Britain’s royal weddings and births being immortalized in everything from tea towels to ashtrays but when it comes to the upcoming nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton, Buckingham Palace has apparently issued strict guidelines on what can and cannot be used on official souvenirs and commemorative merchandise. Not that anyone really abides by said guidelines. Wacky royal wedding tie-ins? Bring ’em on!

The first slightly wacky royal wedding tie-in that hit my radar was the announcement regarding the commemorative Fairy Liquid bottle to mark the big event. Procter & Gamble obtained royal approval to produce a limited edition bottle redesign to mark the big event.

But, hey, at least Fairy Liquid has royal approval to create wedding-inspired packaging. I’m pretty sure that Crown Jewels Condomscombining the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be! – does not, especially considering that these are novelty rubbers, not intended to prevent contraception or the sharing of STDs. That’s a bit more wacky, no?

And on the less weird side you have scads and scads of commemorative china like this Loving Mug from Aynsley China. Which is not a part of the official Royal wedding memorabilia china set – embellished with several layers of burnished gold and platinum before a final layer of gilding in 22-carat gold is applied by hand ooh la la – which consists of a plate, a mug… and a pill box.

Because that’s what it takes to boost a country’s economy by £620 million! Soap, tea towels, novelty condoms, pies named in honor of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and pill boxes. Will you be springing for a little something commemorative this spring?

P.S. – I have to add a Royal Wedding sick bag and Kiss Me Kate beer!

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