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Dad Surprises Cornwall Bride with Red Carpet Moment

Samantha Poser isn’t famous. Neither is her new husband, Adam Kerby. All the same, Samantha’s father, Phil, wanted to give her something special for her wedding. Phil, who owns a carpet store, decided that his daughter deserved a red carpet… so he and his staff created it for her.

This, though, isn’t the interesting bit. That would be the fact that he managed to keep the carpet a secret from Samantha until they walked out their front door to head for the church, some 200 meters away.

Phil, who owns a carpet shop, had gone to elaborate lengths to fool his beautician daughter into thinking that she was going to make the bridal entrance on the back of his elaborately decorated quad bike.
The bizarre ruse worked as Sam braced herself to mount the unusual steed before it was revealed she had her very own magical red carpet for the fairy tale stroll to the church.

Clearly this isn’t an idea for everyone. Access to that much red carpet, and the ability to get streets cordoned off for the walk to the wedding venue make it impractical for most of us. And, of course, there are brides who would rather be swallowed whole by the Earth than walk a red carpet to church. In this case, however, it seems that the ability to get the practicalities dealt with, the personality of the bride in question, and the weather all cooperated to make Phil’s vision a happy reality.

Samantha and Adam are currently honeymooning in Egypt, and I hope that all of you will join with me in wishing them a long, happy marriage full of charming surprises.

What Does a Bride Look Like?

The other day I was sitting back watching a marathon of Amsale Girls, when one of the customers in the shop said something I found sort of sad. She said she didn’t look like a bride.

Why not? Well, she was a prison guard and of a solid, muscular build. She assumed that all brides are thin, younger, office workers. No, really, that’s what she said.

But it isn’t the truth.

Any woman who is getting married is a bride. It doesn’t matter if she’s tall:


Showing Off: La Petite Acadienne and The Stonecutter

You know how every often I put a call out for you darlings to share your wedding photos with me so I can share them with everyone else? Well someone finally took me seriously! And that someone is the lovely La Petite Acadienne, along with her very handsome beau, The Stonecutter. When she emailed me these photos, I thought they were just perfect examples of what I meant when I wrote about just being yourself in your wedding photos. La Petite Acadienne and The Stonecutter look very in love, of course, and gorgeous, but they also look like they’re having plenty of fun!

Lovey-dovey, sure, but I feel like there's some happysilly there, too

Hot stuff!

Laughter on your wedding day, can't beat it!

La Petite Acadienne had this to say about the photos she shared: “Our photographer was Anthony Vazquez. My husband and I went away to New York to get married — just the two of us — and Anthony was one of the very few wedding photographers who was willing to come shoot for just an hour. Most of them had a 6 hour minimum, and what would I need 6 hours of photography for when it was just the two of us? Anyway, we were absolutely thrilled with the photos. There are so many nice ones, I could have sent you an entire album. I’ve selected a few that I adore, though — I think they really speak to who we are as a couple: goofy, passionate, and very much in love.”

Now it’s your turn to gush in the comments about how gorgeous they look – don’t be shy!

LOVE/HATE: The Flower Power Edition

Bridal veil alternatives? I’ve got your bridal veil alternatives right here, and today it’s a giant flower. Right on your head. Designed by Austie Eckley for SOCA, and custom made just for the bride who wants something a little different. Make that a big different, since admittedly, that’s not a dainty bloom.

Why you shouldn't put seeds in your ears?

And the view from behind...

Is it me? No. Is it the bridal veil alternative for every bride who wants something different? No. But I still love it. I think it’s fabulous. Wacky and strange and fabulous, just right for the bride who’s looking for a bridal headpiece that is going to stun and wow her guests. Would you dare to wear something this outrageous? If so, I want to give you a bridal high five!

Gentiles Embracing the Ketubah

A Jewish wedding tradition with a growing following

Am I the only one who likes seeing wedding traditions from one faith or heritage embraced by people from other backgrounds? I know that there are some people who don’t like the co-opting of wedding traditions by “outsiders” but I my take is that wedding traditions wouldn’t have become traditions if brides and grooms didn’t find value in them. It’s not for me to say that so-and-so can’t do X, Y, and Z because those practices belong to another culture. Take the ketubah, a traditional and beautiful element of the Jewish wedding and marriage. According to a recent New York Times piece, more non-religious and Christian couples are embracing the ketubah in their own weddings.

“We wanted a permanent reminder of the covenant we made with God,” Mrs. Austin said. “We see this document superseding the marriage license of a state or a court.”

Such sentiments have been reshaping the market for ketubot (the plural in Hebrew) in the past decade. Michael Shapiro, an observant Jew from Toronto who sells artistic ketubot through the Web site ketubah.com, said he had seen the non-Jewish share of his customers rise from zero to about 10 percent. He is forming a spinoff site, artvows.com, that concentrates on non-Jewish consumers.

The decade of non-Jews discovering the ketubah coincides with three relevant social trends: the rise of Christian Zionism, the growth of interfaith marriage, and the mainstreaming of the New Age movement with its search for spirituality in multiple faith traditions. As a result, an increasing number of gentiles have taken up Judaic practices: holding a Passover Seder, eating kosher food and studying kabbalah, the Jewish mystical movement.

What began as way to protect the bride’s interests in the event of a divorce and morphed into a beautiful and artful representation of specific contractural provisions for marriage had a resurgence of popularity in the 1960s Jewish counterculture. Suddenly the ketubah was back and once again something to display rather than something to be hidden away. And, like I said, the ketubah is now finding its way into non-Jewish weddings and onto non-Jewish walls. I’m cool with that – in fact, I think it’s very cool, especially for those Christians who want to give a nod to their religion’s Jewish roots.

How does it strike you, this flow of wedding traditions from one faith or background to another? Do you think it’s cool, or kind of weird and inauthentic?

This Bride Is Awesome. You Should Be, Too.

How often do you see the bride singing with the band?

As captured by Steve Gerrard Photography

Probably only just a wee bit more often than you see her drumming with the band! But that’s what this beautiful magenta-haired bride wanted to do, so she did it. Along with having a bouncy slide at the reception and a whole host of other details that I’m sure at least one person suggested were not appropriate for a wedding.

The whole wedding is worth a serious peek!

The point being that if you feel like a bouncy castle is right for your wedding, then rent one. If you want to ride to the reception on Harleys, then do it. Sneakers are your footwear of choice – well, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m not going to say you shouldn’t. Especially if you can make it look awesome! Hair long and loose? Tuba player at the ceremony? Doughnut wedding cake? Electronic selections for the special dances? Dry reception? Change into shorts? Just do it, the naysayers will hopefully be polite enough not the “nay” in your face.

See more of this amazing wedding here!

Inspiration: Beautiful Bridal Headbands

Not too much to say about these beautiful bridal headbands, other than that much like bridal ponytails, they are easy and unfussy and just about the simplest way to top off a DIY wedding hairstyle. Here’s a handful that I’ve found on my travels around the weddingsphere that I hope will inspire you!

Via UntamedPetals (Etsy)

A sparkling bridal headband from...?


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