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LOVE/HATE: The Now You See Me, Now You Don’t Edition

I thought of this edition of LOVE/HATE after reading this post over at Encore Bride – she talks about and includes pictures of getting ready with her groom. Are those gasps, I’m hearing? I know some people will gasp at the notion of a bride and groom (or bride and bride or groom and groom) getting ready for the wedding in the same room. That means no big reveal of the wedding dress or whatever the marrying parties have chosen to wear and no sweet ‘first glimpse’ reaction shots at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. “It’s tradition!” some people will say. But come on… so many of today’s couple’s live together before getting hitched, or at least have intimate knowledge of one another. At this point, so much of tradition is just play acting.

The big reveal? Should be entirely optional. If a couple wants to keep what they’re wearing secret until the wedding ceremony and sleep apart and so on, fab. And if a couple wants to share a bed before the big day and dress in the same space, also fab. I LOVE the idea of a couple who’s comfortable with the idea sharing tie tying and dress zipping duties! Frankly, it sounds like a lot of fun, and maybe even less nerve-wracking than being in a room full of friends with a photographer, not knowing what your other half is up to. What do you think? Would you get dressed with your sweetie on your wedding day?

Image: Cholmondelly

Because Sometimes You Just Can’t Stop at One

via Mail Online
This is Helene Manca, now Mrs. Joe Glass. This is one of the nine wedding gowns she wore at her wedding and reception. That’s right, nine wedding gowns in one day.

In point of fact, this is the gown she wore for the ceremony. As the day wore on into the early hours of the next day, she changed her clothes for: her arrival at the reception, cocktail hour, banquet, the speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance, dancing, and the 2:00am disco. Each gown was worn anywhere from a measly thirty minutes to as long as two hours.

How did the lady wind up with so very many wedding gowns? Read on, my friends, read on.

LOVE/HATE: The Out-and-About Edition

More often than not, wedding photos are shot in staging areas – like a bridal chamber – and in ceremony and reception venues. That might be inside or outside, in a formal location or somewhere more casual, but it’s still usually some place that’s in some way sequestered from the real world. Maybe a church or a function hall, or a public space that’s been rented out for the day.

Sometimes, though, a wedding photographer and his or her clients will take a field trip at some point during the wedding day. Not sure what I mean? Take a look at these snaps from wedding photographer Luca Ragogna:

Full disclosure – this is a model, not an actual bride. But the theory is the same, and I think it would be tons of fun to go to a carnival in a wedding dress and just play games and eat fried whatever all day. IMO, pictures from the little field trips that some couples take turn out awesome, and I think, a lot more fun to look at years later than yet another straight up and down shot in front of a staircase. So I LOVE it.

What do YOU think about the wedding photos that some couples take out-and-about. Did you take a photographic field trip, or are you planning on taking one?

What If You Don’t Care?

If you listen to the popular mythology of wedding planning, every bride is exacting about every single detail of the wedding, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant to everyone else. Her most pressing problem is that nobody in the world cares so much about what she’s trying to do for them.

But if there’s one thing I know about popular mythology, it’s that it’s not everyone’s reality. In fact, it’s rarely anyone’s complete personal reality. Chances are there’s at least one aspect of planning your wedding that you honestly don’t care that much about.

Work Your Strengths: How to Smile In Wedding Photos

Scowls and duckfaces and sneers, oh my! How many times have you come across what would otherwise be a beautiful wedding photo… were it not for the fact that the bride is doing her best runway model impression? Personally, I love to mug for the camera, but when I try to play it serious, I end up looking constipated, not sexy or edgy. And I know there are others like me out there, who just can’t pull off the stern, smoldering look that is oh so popular nowadays. I mean, if you happen to look great with a frown on your face, then fantastic. But the fact is that most brides look more beautiful when they’re sporting a smile – my apologies to model Sasha Pivovarova.

But maybe you’re wondering just how to smile in wedding photos so you look your best. I know it’s something I’ve wondered about, since there are way too many photos of me showing giant tracts of gum or looking like I have no upper lip. It just so happens I found some great advice on StyleList that has helped me look better in most photos.

According to Dr. Golub-Evans, to look your best and most natural in photos, “Smile with your teeth slightly parted, as if you’re excited about something,” he says. “You’ll show more white teeth because the lower teeth won’t be hiding behind the uppers, and your smile won’t look forced.”

“keep your lips at rest as much as possible,” says Dr. Golub-Evans. Smile enough to show your teeth, but not too much to thin the lip. “The moment full lips are moving in an animated fashion, they look thinner.”

But the best advice I’ve ever received on how to smile in wedding photos is think happy thoughts! Of course you’re happy – it’s your wedding day after all – but maybe your feet are a little tired after the ceremony or you just found out that the caterer brought food for 80 instead of 100 and you’re totally stressing. Before you pose for your pics, take a moment to think about why you married that wonderful wo/man of yours. You’ll look (and hopefully feel) a lot happier and more beautiful for having done so!

Looking Hot, Keeping Cool

When it comes to bouquet alternatives for the bride or for the bridesmaid, fans tend to pop into my head first – mainly because we gave our wedding guests fans as favors at our summertime Florida wedding. Yes, I know it’s the dead of winter – at least here in frigid MA – but that means it’s the perfect time to be thinking about (or losing ourselves in thoughts of) summertime weddings!

Fans for the bridesmaids can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Some brides choose rather plain sandalwood fans dressed up with ribbons or lace or even basic paper fans in pretty colors. Others go for something a bit more outrageous, like peacock feather fans or butterfly fans. Sound sweet? Under the cut you’ll find a taste of inspiration to help you choose the perfect fans for your bridesmaids.


Wedding Fashion, From Then Until Now

If you, like me, love wedding fashion, you just have to check out the Victoria and Albert Museum‘s growing database of photographs of clothes worn for weddings between 1840 and the present.

Browsing the collection as it currently stands is the best part, but you can also participate in building the wedding fashion database by uploading your own images of weddings (and civil partnerships) from the past or the present. All they ask is that you include the year of the event and the names of the participants, along with the location of the wedding, if possible. You can upload up to three images, with at least one that focuses on the details of the bride’s dress or the groom’s attire.

Who knows, you might just find – or give someone – the inspiration necessary to plan the perfect period wedding!

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