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There’s Something About Siri Bridesmaids Dresses

They call her Mellow Yellow

I love perusing the pages of Siri’s online catalog of bridesmaids dresses on days like today when the weather is crummy, I’m tired, and my to-do list is pages and pages long. Looking at their gorgeous dresses for the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaid (and even the alternative bride and fun MOB!) cheers me up in no time flat because going through their selection is like feasting my eyes on a rainbow. They have wonderful patterns and fabrics, of course, but, oh, the colors! All those vivid greens, oranges, blues, yellows, and pinks – it’s springtime in bridesmaids dress form!

As an added bonus, their styles tend toward the kind of classical patterns that work on a variety of figures. The halter, A-line, tea length dress above (known as the Siena Sundress) is summery and definitely re-wearable. While I like it in the creamy yellow Venus & Mars, this particular bridesmaids dress comes in a variety of other absolutely fabulous fabrics and colors.

Tips for the Bridesmaid: Good Books and More

I’ve been a bridesmaid once and a maid of honor once. Of course, when acting as the former I was something like eight years old and, when acting as the latter, I was doing so for an out-of-state future bride whose mother was handling all the arrangements. There are apparently a great number of things that I should have been required to do. To this day, I still don’t know what any of them are. If you have been called upon to act as a maid (or matron) of honor or a bridesmaid, there are a few good books out there that will help you navigate the world of showers, dresses, bachelorette parties, and your wedding day responsibilities.

If you know a bridesmaid-to-be or are a future bride trying to wrangle bridesmaids, these books can make great, stress-reducing gifts.

The Bridesmaid Guide

In The Bridesmaid Guide, author Kate Chynoweth covers everything from how to throw the perfect bridal shower, create a touching speech, wear an awful bridesmaid�s dress with style, or support the bride on her big day.

The Bridesmaid\'s Guerrilla Handbook

For the hipper bridesmaid, The Bridesmaid’s Guerrilla Handbook is a funny how-to tome that will help make the pre-wedding responsibilities seem more fun than frantic.

Everything Bridesmaid: From Planning the Shower to Supporting the Bride, All You Need to Survive and Enjoy the Wedding (Everything Series)

This book – part of the Everything Series, which I absolutely adore – is practical, down to earth, and covers just about…you guessed it…everything.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

The Halter

Though I’m not enamoured by the color of this organza and satin After Six bridesmaid dress, I love, love, love the style. Actually, the color doesn’t matter since it comes in fifteen other colors including a lovely dusty blue and a dashing dark lilac. Yum. Being that I’m in a hurry since I’m traveling to Manhattan to be there for the Pajamas Media launch, I’m going to list the reasons I love it and see what you, my faithful readers agree with and disagree with.

1. The halter-style top can flatter both the busty and not-so-busty ladies.

2. The A-line skirt will not reveal the true cuvature of the bottom or the hips.

3. The ribbon faux belt sits below the waist in order to give the illusion of waist where there is none.

4. Tea length = not too flashy

5. This dress need not be so tight. One size up to give the girls some room to move won’t necessarily make it look like a sack.

6. Finally, this dress does not scream, “BRIDESMAID!”

And there you have it. There only real problem is that one’s arms are entirely exposed and not everyone cares for that. Of course, I am talking about my ideal wedding here…and I still haven’t decided whether I will be a good bride or a bad bride.

The Gothsmaid

Satanic bridesmaids

This European Satin strapless bridesmaid dress with attached banded, bowed, and beaded corset around the bodice by designer Bill Levkoff seems a little…demonic for the traditional church wedding, but could be quite the showstopper at a wedding officiated over by a Church of Satan representative.

Perhaps the ceremony could be held in the Goth room of Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, where the Grim Reaper welcomes you at the wrought iron cemetary gates and escorts you through the fog and candlelight to meet your minister, Count Dracula himself, and in place of the wedding march, the bride emerges from within the confines of a snow white coffin.

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