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Purple and Red, the New Brown and Blue?

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Over the past few seasons, the color combination of chocolate brown and Tiffany, robin’s egg, or baby blue has reigned supreme. Now, though, it seems folks are ready for a change. The hot new color combo according to the gurus is purple and red.

This colorway can wind up looking like you’re getting married in the middle of a meeting of the Red Hat Society:
Red Hat Society but it doesn’t have to. Don’t believe me? Take a look after the cut and see the possibilities.

Chuppah To It

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

The huppah (or chuppah) is probably the most distinctive element of the Jewish wedding. The huppah is made of a tallis or beautiful cloth held aloft over the bride and groom by four poles. Holding the poles is a special honor, given to family or friends that the bride and groom wish to honor. The chuppa creates a beautiful focal point for the wedding. The huppah represents he Jewish home that the bride and groom will make together. It is open on all sides, symbolizing that guests will always be welcome in their home.

We don’t discuss the religious aspect of marriage here at Manolo for the Brides very often. It’s not that we have a problem with it, but rather, I think, because we consider it a matter between our readers and their various visions of God…or lack thereof. If you have a religious tradition, then you know whom to turn to for advice: the spiritual leader of your faith community. NtB and I are here to help you with fashion, etiquette, pretty or tasty things, and the emotional aspects of your wedding journey. Frankly, that’s quite enough to have on two plates. And while I can’t speak for NtB on this, I know that any spiritual advice you got from me would be highly suspect to any organized religion going.

But there are a few places where the spiritual and the fashionable meet and there’s one I’m a bit surprised I’ve never tackled or seen tackled in this space before: the chuppah.