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Inpiration: Pink, Green, Black, and White

You have your black and white weddings, black and lime and white weddings, pink and black and white weddings, and pink and green weddings. Less common are wedding palettes featuring pink, green, black, and white where the white isn’t just an incidental addition in the form of floral fillers, blank spaces on wedding stationery, or candles. The more colors you add to your wedding color scheme, the more likely it is that you’ll have trouble finding stuff that features all of your hues together. Luckily, you don’t have to have every color on every little thing. Observe:

black lime pink wedding inspiration

Featured on this pink, green, black, and white inspiration board are damask border table numbers from Papeterie; pink, green, and white bridesmaids bouquets by Pure Joy carried by bridesmaids in black; pink, green, and white favor cards; a pink, green, and black button bouquet from the amazing Princess Lasertron; adorable bridesmaids in green with black sweaters and pink scarves; a sweet table by Ravishing Radish featuring a cake by Tallant House; a chic and blingy wedding cake from a dessert table designed by Couture Cakery; and finally, a floral centerpiece that features almost all the colors in this scheme (even if you can’t see them).

Peacock – It’s More Than Just a Color

Peacocks are fascinatingly beautiful birds, so it’s no wonder that some brides take their color inspiration from that amazing plumage. But you could go that extra mile and make peacocks your wedding theme, especially if you have no problems using feathers as decor (which some folks do). To me, the most obvious place to use peacock feathers is in the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets, but floral arrangements aren’t the only place they look stunning.

Peacock-Bouquet rde

Peacock feathers also look lovely in boutonnieres, where their size means they play a starring role, and in reception table centerpieces. There are plenty of peacock wedding cake designs to be found via GIS, though a talented cake designer would be able to invent one just for you. Peacock feathers could be woven into the flower garlands decorating the ceremony space, or used in other ways to enhance an otherwise blah space, or oR OR…


Inspiration: Peachy Keen

Peachy keen. Just peachy. She’s a peach! However you frame it, peaches are associated with good stuff. Maybe that’s why they make such a fun, pretty wedding theme?

peach wedding inspiration

There are so many fun ways to incorporate peaches into your wedding theme, from giving out peach cookies (that taste like real peaches) as wedding favors to dressing your flower girl in a pretty peach dress to an awesome peachy sash. So what if you are getting married in a clime where peaches never grow? Cute and fuzzy, mellow orange and bright pink… peaches are the pets of the produce world. Here are some quick ways you can enrich your wedding theme (or color scheme) with anthropomorphic fruit:

1. Peach cookies from Tickle My Tummy (top left)
2. A peach flower girl dress from I Love Gorgeous (top right)
3. Peach table cards like these from Blooms by Martha Andrews (middle left)
4. Peach reception table decorations like these photographed by Justin Marantz (middle right)
5. A beautiful peach sash from Icing 101 (bottom left)
6. Peach-in-a-nest table decor, again from Blooms by Martha Andrews (bottom right)

Too Feminine? (or There’s a Guy In Here Somewhere)

Somewhere close to half of all the people getting married at any one time are men. There are women marrying other women (so no dudes in those weddings) but there are also guys marrying other guys, which means it may more or less even out along straight and gay lines.

And yet, weddings are very often uber feminine affairs. There are big bunches of flowers, sometimes oodles and oodles of them. Wedding color palettes are trending toward gender-neutral hues, but there are still plenty of weddings with color schemes dominated by pinks and purples and pastels. Plus, so much of the wedding hype actively focuses on the bride — her experience, her wedding dress, the engagement ring, etc. — that the groom can seem like just another minor detail.

feminine wedding

My take on it is that society frames weddings as being for women. Dads tell their sons and future sons-in-law to “stand back and shut up” while the wife-to-be goes on a tulle-fueled buying binge. Advertisers address the bride-to-be’s experience. Have you ever seen a commercial or print ad that featured a groom-to-be waxing poetic about wedding planning? I haven’t. We grow up thinking of the guys as secondary players in the wedding, so maybe it’s easy for some people to forget that the guy standing in the corner holding the Tiffany & Co. box might have some opinions about what his wedding ought to look like. At best, grooms-to-be are given one area to oversee… they handle the music or the menswear, while the bride-to-be has the final say over everything else.

I realize, of course, that there are some men who honestly do not care about their own weddings. They’re more than pleased to be tasked with showing up at the ceremony wearing whatever their sweethearts have picked out. And there have got to be grooms who think a feminine wedding is the only kind of wedding! But I also wonder how many guys are “standing back and shutting up” because that’s what they’ve been taught to do, just as us ladies have been subtly trained to do it all. Maybe the groom-to-be secretly hates the pink wedding invitations or the wedding cake that looks like a castle or the elaborate floral arrangements, but is hesitant to say anything because he thinks he shouldn’t care or that caring will seem unmanly or some such thing.

To brides (or grooms) who are dismayed, offended, or irritated by their groom’s lack of interest in the wedding, I say give him another chance. Before you put down a deposit on a venue or vendor, ask his opinion. Try once more to include him when you’re shopping around. Give him something to do, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all your wedding planning to-dos. The flip side is, of course, that once you include him, you have to respect his opinions and choices just like you expect him to respect yours. Compromise will no doubt be necessary. But won’t it be awesome to have a wedding that you created together and that reflects aspects of both of your personalities?

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Inspiration: Aqua and Lime

Who’s best placed to talk about wedding color trends for 2010? The wedding vendors who are already knee deep in outfitting the upcoming weddings of 2010, of course! Curious, I had a gander at My Personal Artist‘s trend watch for the spring and summer of this year, and found both aqua blue and lime green on the list. My first thought was let’s put them together! Here’s the result:

aqua and lime wedding 1

Paired with brown detailing and tiny rhinestones, aqua and lime wedding invitations can be beachy but don’t have to be. This is a fun palette that maintains its elegance when you, say, leave the sea stars on the sand where they belong. (via)


Happy New Year from Never teh Bride and Twistie!

silver wedding inspiration board

As always, we wish you and yours a wonderful new year! We expect that 2010 will be a wonderful time for all things wedding, but until all that’s in store reveals itself, here is some lovely silver wedding inspiration to see you into a whole near year. What’s this? Traveling in a roughly clockwise direction, there is a beautiful (though sadly unidentified) silver wedding dress, a Victorian-inspired bolero from Bonzie, a very pretty silver belt from Little White Dresser, delicate lily earrings from Elle Jewelry, wintery wedding invitations from Social Notes, flirty bridesmaids’ dresses from J.Crew, flashy silver lamé pumps from Christian Louboutin, and last but not least, a unique cloth bouquet from Milk Pod Studio. Enjoy!

Pink and Gold Inspiration Board

Romantic? Check. Elegant? Check. A little bit out of the ordinary? Check. A pink and gold wedding palette is perfect for the feminine bride who wants to plan a wedding that could be described as magical and lovely. Though this palette skyrocketed in popularity after the modern movie version of Marie Antoinette, a pink and gold wedding palette doesn’t have to be inspired by the French Court by default. As pretty as it is, the pink and gold wedding can also be modern.

pink and gold wedding palette

So what do we have here? Traveling in a vaguely clockwise pattern, there are natural branches studded with tufts of fluffy garden stock blossoms from a party hosted by Tracy Metz, a striking pearl and bird necklace designed by kgarnerdesigns, a lovely soft pink wedding dress by Alisa Benay for 100 Brides for $100K, a pink wedding cake with delicate gold embellishments from The Wedding Cake Shoppe, a gorgeous handpainted wedding invitation from Momental Designs, freaking amazing shoes from Haberdashery Boutique, a delicate rose gold filigree bracelet, and a snapshot from a real wedding that included antique gold bridesmaid dresses from Vera Wang.

The pink and gold wedding palette is truly as sweet as can be!

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