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Your Wedding Five-a-Day: Artichokes

We’ve written about using fruit as reception centerpieces, sweets as wedding decor, and even diamonds as wedding cake embellishments. All in all, we’ve proven we like things that are as yummy as they are pretty, though we definitely recommend picking all gemstones out of your icing before serving your reception dessert. Today I want to put sweet things aside to show you some things you can do with veggies… specifically artichokes.

Using artichokes as wedding decor

Artichokes make splendid wedding table decorations for a number of reasons. They can stand up on their own, meaning they can hold a place card or a candle. And they are relatively dry when compared to, say, a cabbage or even a carrot, so you needn’t worry about drowning them in water when using them in centerpieces. You can even use artichokes in your bridal bouquet (as evidenced above), though beware that they add quite a bit of heft.

Sandra Lee, queen of the semi-homemade craft, suggests using artichokes thusly:

1. Group one small, one medium and one tall cylinder glass vase on a tabletop.

2. Stack whole artichokes inside, positioning some upright and some sideways to make an artful arrangement.

(However, she goes on to suggest that you can make gourmet mac & cheese using Kraft dinner, so feel free to disregard most of the advice found on her web site.)

Let Them Eat Cake Jewels

Can we talk about something? Yeah, this cake jewelry thing…I have to say that I’m not so sure about it. I mean, I’m down with brides wearing as many jewels as they can fit on themselves, so long as they like it and can afford it. That’s cool by me. I didn’t do it and probably wouldn’t, but that’s a very personal choice and I absolutely support those who choose a different path than I did.

But cake jewelry. Jewelry for cakes. Actual pieces of metal and crystal on cakes.

Okay, as a cake topper, that’s fine. Again, not my choice, but not a problem. Everyone expects a cake topper to come off the cake, and most couples just take the top tier (where the topper resides) away and save it for later, anyway. I’m fine with making that topper whatever the hell you like. Put a crown on top. It’s cool.

Even the ones done as picks, while I’m still not exactly wild about them, I can accept. It’s clear that they’re to be removed before eating and they’re really easy to see, and pulling them out doesn’t make a mess or really harm the look of the cake before it’s sliced. I’m thinking about something like this:


Cool or Creepy? You Decide

In the past week, I’ve seen a new trend talked up on two different wedding reality shows. On both Rich Bride, Poor Bride and Whose Wedding is it, Anyway? couples have been advised to get and have chosen to hire living tables.

What’s a living (or strolling) table? Well, it’s a person who dresses up in a costume and stands inside a hole in a table on casters decorated to match the costume. The table is then set with a selection of hors d’oeuvres, or desserts that guests can help themselves to as the table wanders through your reception or party.

Here’s what it looks like:


A Bountiful Harvest

Although the length of the average engagement period hovers around 15 months, most couples spend between seven months to a year planning their weddings. That means that there’s a chance that those brides-to-be who are reading Manolo for the Brides are planning autumn weddings. Now I’d never suggest that someone tailor their wedding colors or wedding theme to the season, the notion does appeal to some people. In my next book, for example, my co-author and I describe a harvest-themed wedding that took place in, you guessed it, the fall.

Obviously, you can have a harvest-themed (or harvest colored) wedding without incorporating a lot of dead leaves and pumpkins — the Martha Stewart tablescape on the bottom left includes neither — but those are both viable options. I love the slightly quirky leaf and crystal bouquet from Creations, and it would make an easy DIY project if you locale supports deciduous trees.


Other ideas: Incorporate Autumn Splendor accessories into your wedding day look, string red and green apples into natural garlands, serve spice cake and apple cider in place of wedding cake and champagne, wear a gold wedding gown instead of the usual white dress, clothe your bridesmaids in a deep chocolate brown, give guests miniature caramel apples in lieu of more traditional favors, or carry a bouquet of flowers traditionally associated with autumn, like mums and helianthus.

If that sounds way too theme-y for you but you wouldn’t mind adding just a touch of fall flair to your wedding decor, pick one idea and treat it like a centerpiece, designing your color scheme around it.

Tart Up Your Party

It was a brisk 30F this morning in Massachusetts’s north shore, so it was delightful to take another look at Twistie’s post on stuff for springtime weddings. I’m not ready to surrender to the cold just yet, so I thought I’d piggyback on her great post with a warm weather post of my own.

Of all the low-cost decorative items one can incorporate into reception accessories — and I’m talking about free things like autumn leaves or things one can buy at the grocery like in-season pineapples — lemons and limes are my favorite.

Lemon place cards

Surprisingly, lemons and limes won’t roll all over the place if you give them time to “settle,” making them a fun, summery place care delivery method. The couple who envisioned these citrus place cards had their wedding planner create the final product, but you could easily make this a pre-wedding weekend DIY project.


Spring Is In the Plans!

One thing about wedding planning that can be both fun and frustrating is the fact that when you get started on it, chances are it’s a different season from the one you’ll be marrying in. Mr. Twistie popped the question on a November night and we were eventually married on a June afternoon. There we were heading into the dreaded dark days of winter (well, as dark as they get in my part of California) and I was thinking about spring flowers and light cottons for my bridesmaids’ outfits.

While it can be a nice break from stormy weather to think about warmer times ahead, it’s sometimes difficult to find the specific materials and inspirations you need. And so I decided to warm up October with some stylish thoughts for those of you planning spring weddings.


NtB Loves: Asian Inspiration

It’s going to be a light week here at MftB because I am, as I write this, in Spokane, WA visiting with my lovely MIL. I thought that for the next few days, in honor of the woman who birthed The Beard and the fact that my computer is thousands of miles from here, I’d do away with the hate and just stick with the love. Planning a wedding usually involves buying at least a little something — e.g., a cute birdcage veil or a new pair of earrings — so why not make it a special little something?

Asian wedding

I’m a big fan of Asian inspired reception decor and favors — everything above comes from Social Couture, but (HINT! HINT!) the look can be replicated easily and inexpensively with accessories from the craft store, eBay, the Oriental Trading Company, and Amazon.

You can start with the paper lanterns!

paper lanterns

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