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Wedding Inspiration: Silhouettes!

I love love love silhouettes, and being a custom item much of the time, silhouettes really look beautiful on everything from wedding invitations to wedding cake toppers. There are even DIY silhouette kits, so if you’re feeling brave and want to make, for example, silhouette wedding favor tags for your favors, there’s nothing stopping you.

Of course, there’s also nothing stopping you from finding vintage silhouettes and using those in your wedding decor. After all, who says the framed silhouettes on your reception tables or on your place cards actually have to be you? And you don’t have to necessarily go tradition, either. There are some really cool artists out there creating totally modern takes on the classic silhouette for brides and grooms!

Here’s some wedding silhouette inspiration from me to you for what may just be a dreary Monday full of blahs (for both of us):

A silhouette wedding cake by K. Rose Cakes: http://krosecakes.com

Custom silhouette weddng favor tags from ForeverWed Store


Super Simple Subway Centerpieces

I saw this sweet little reception table centerpiece on bride.ca and just had to share. Because it’s just too simple not to.

You say you’re not planning a New York City subway themed wedding? No problem, just replace the subway card with anything. How about glittery table numbers or some other pretty thing?

All it takes are some nice flower pots – you could even use plain terracotta pots, homegrown wheatgrass, LED tea lights, and the table number of your choice.

Are you DIYing your reception centerpieces? If so, remember to scale your design to the size of your table so it doesn’t look dinky (or absolutely huuuuge)!

Inspiration: Feathers!

Feathers make great wedding accessories, whether they’re in a bridal headpiece or in a bridal bouquet or even on a wedding cake! You can find feathers in every color under the sun, so coordinating with even the wackiest wedding color schemes is no problem. How else can you use feathers in your wedding? Here’s a bunch of pictorial inspiration to help you figure out where to integrate this easy to use wedding accessory into your big day:


Your Wedding Five-a-Day: Veggies

Fruit as centerpieces and fruit in bridal bouquets? Then there’s fruit on wedding cake, and even fruit used as place card holders. Fruit has definitely found its way into the modern day wedding for a lot of brides and grooms, with beautiful (and tasty) results. But what about the fruit’s more savory cousin, the vegetable? I’m not about to argue that fruit is prettier or lends itself more readily to use in centerpieces and such. Vegetable centerpieces are just as easy to DIY – just check out this video – and the arrangements below. Vegetables can even be used in a bridal bouquet, as demonstrated by floral designer Robert Blancaflor. Best part? Veggies are a lot cheaper than flowers for the bride who is on a budget!

Aren’t these pics all just gorgeous? The reception centerpieces are all super easy to DIY, though I can’t say I’d be the first person to stand up and choose that particular bridal bouquet. I do think that vegetables can be used in bouquets to good effect if you mix things up with some flowers, some vegetables, and some bridal bouquet accessories!

Inspiration: Chalkboards

Chalkboards are so cute and so easy to DIY that if you’re hard up for, say, table number ideas or a way to let your guests know the wedding is around back or a fun method of keeping people from swapping glasses, I’m going to suggest chalkboards. Or at least a spritz of chalkboard paint on whatever it is you fancy, from vintage frames to pint glasses to a plain old piece of wood glued to a stake. So here’s some fun chalkboard wedding inspiration to get your mind going!




When You Have to Can the Candles

Considering a candlelit wedding ceremony or reception? Don’t set your heart on it until you’ve done a little digging. It turns out that insurance regulations, fire codes, and even cleanup concerns can get in the way of having those tiny tea lights at every table. So it’s not uncommon for brides- and grooms-to-be to book that perfect venue only to find out that their candlelit dreams are being dashed by practicalities. Open flames? No way. And some venues will even balk at the notion of candles under or inside glass.

Who doesn’t allow candles at wedding receptions? Many museums, for one, along with libraries full of those burnable books. Barns, especially working ones, may say no when candles come up in conversation. Historic buildings, particularly those made out of wood, may have candle or flame restrictions. And a wedding venue can simply decide not to allow fire as ceremony or reception decor for any reason at all. Some have had issues with the smoke alarms and sprinklers. Others would prefer not to have to deal with wax. And still others are zoned in such a way as to make having open flames (even tea lights) on site illegal.


Inspiration: Pinwheels

Maybe that should be spinspiration! Terrible, I know. But aren’t pinwheels fun? And there are so many great ways to use them in weddings that it would be impossible to list them all. Favors of pretty paper pinwheels with your names and wedding date printed on them come to mind. And how about using them in place of flowers in reception table centerpieces? I can even make it simpler – get a punch of pinwheels that coordinate with your wedding color scheme and stick them in the ground! Easy-peasy!

Gorgeous pinwheels for your bridal bouquet by Rule 42

Pinwheel wedding cake seen on Real Etsy Weddings

Bride and groom with pinwheels as seen on The Wedding Chicks

Pinwheels on a dessert buffet created by April Foster Events and pinwheel aisle decorations as seen on Wedding Bee

Pinwheel table numbers from Crossroads Cottage

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