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Exact change only

Friday, October 19th, 2007


Migraine today, ugh. I’d planned to post after doing some work, and then work never happened because I was in bed with an ice pack strapped to my forehead. Now I’m up with a fresher ice pack strapped to my forehead and still none too happy. Thanks, brain.

In lieu of a longer post, here is a picture of loveliness from Amsale. I love the way the fabric falls and the ultra skinny, ultra long straps. I love the little bit of sparkly mesh that peeks out just above the bum. But goodness help me, that loose flap of fabric just beneath it does so remind me of these:

Exact change only please!

Making a splash with a sash

Thursday, March 30th, 2006

A splash of color adds interest

Now that an intense splash of color is considered de rigeur on wedding gowns, plenty of designers are stepping up to the plate with vividly-hued sashes that fall to the front, the side, or the back of the gown. I’m not usually a fan of giant butt embellishments, but I love the way the blue sash cascades on this white Amsale gown. It features a French blue taffeta sash which accents a Duchess satin strapless a-line gown with fitted bodice. The sash can be pinned any number of ways, from what I’ve seen.

It’s nice to be able to see the gown on a real bride. Too, too, too often the stick-thin models are simply swimming in the gowns in the adverts.

Questions of tone

Monday, February 20th, 2006

Creamier than the original

While there is no one gown or style that will please everyone, I think we can all agree on the fact that the year’s new warmer whites benefit almost everyone. Few people look good in stark, glaring, antiseptic white gowns – though the contrast is gorgeous on dark-skinned brides.

It’s a question of tone. While ivory is great for redheads and ruddy-skinned brides, it may do little for those brides with darker or more yellowish complexions. Electric whites (another way of describing those whites that are white like a piece of new printer paper) can make pale ladies like me look washed out and grey. Champagne whites look simply fabulous on brides with darker complexions. Warmer whites make the skin look fresher and more youthful on many people.

Beau Coup
has a wonderful (and short) guide to choosing the color of your gown. The advice is sound and can help future brides choose a dress that will highlight her beauty rather than detract from it.

Stark White: The brightest, crispest white you can find. Looks great on dark skin.

Silk, Diamond, or Natural White: A shade off of stark white, though it looks pretty much the same in photos. “Eighty percent of the population looks best in a soft, diamond-white dress, which isn’t as chalky as a white-white,” explains dress designer Melissa Sweet. “When in doubt, buy diamond white.”

Ivory: Also referred to as “eggshell” or “candlelight.” Some ivory dresses have yellow undertones, making them look creamy; some are just a “quiet” white.

Rum or Champagne: A white with pink undertones that looks nearly white in photos.

If your skin is fair: you’ll look best in yellow-ivories and warmer natural colors. You should probably steer clear of stark white, though — it may wash you out.

If your skin is medium with pink undertones: opt for creamier colors.

If your skin is medium with yellow undertones: try diamond whites or champagne.

If your skin is dark: lucky you — most shades of white will complement your skin. If you have yellow or olive undertones, though, stay away from yellow-ivory dresses. Try stark white or rum pink.

For those curious, the dress above is from the Amsale Blue Label Collection, and features an all lace sheath with a scalloped V-neckline and bias flared hem.


Wednesday, January 19th, 2005


Whether or not she wants to admit it, almost every woman, well before she’s met Mr. Right, has imagined herself walking down the aisle in the perfect wedding dress.

Amsale Aberra designs dresses that look like the ones we have in our heads. They’re for smart modern princesses. Traditional and romantic but not ridiculous, opulent but not decadent.

The ones I like most are her strapless, full-skirted gowns. They have a dramatic sweep, and the details are pretty and feminine, without being overpowering.