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Bridesmaids Dresses | Manolo for the Brides - Part 4
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LOVE/HATE: The ‘Swirly Whirly’ Edition

You do not need a windy day or a signature twirl to feel flouncy in Suzanne Ermann‘s playful and rather perky dresses. Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a wedding guest, your dress can do the twirling for you.

See what I mean?

Now while I adore Suzanne Ermann’s wedding dresses, I’m torn on these. On one hand, I’m wondering how they’d hold up during a wedding ceremony and reception. Would I squish them while sitting? Snag them on something? On the other hand, they look so delightfully like something you’d see on a guest at a fancy wedding in the UK or France that I’d definitely jump at the chance to own one just so I could wear it to the next wedding I’m invited to. I guess I’d say “love with reservations.”

What say you?

Inspiration: Skirts!

On the bridesmaid dress re-wearability scale, skirts are right up there with a dress the individual bridesmaid picks out herself. It’s not difficult to see why – with two pieces, a top and a bottom, there’s a much better chance that the bridesmaids will either like one or the other and also have an opportunity to wear the half they like. And putting aside all those poly satin strapless tops with matching long skirts, outfitting your ‘maids in skirts can be a lot of fun! How about fitted tux shirts and pencil skirts? Or poodle skirts! A sash can stand in for a belt or just choose a skirt with a lot of structure and detail.

My guess would be that finding the perfect shirt and skirt combo for bridesmaids might be a bit more difficult than finding a great dress, but the results, I’d say, are worth it. Really. Check out these awesome bridesmaid skirt looks, all of which are sure to inspire:

bridesmaids dresses skirts


Inpiration: Pink, Green, Black, and White

You have your black and white weddings, black and lime and white weddings, pink and black and white weddings, and pink and green weddings. Less common are wedding palettes featuring pink, green, black, and white where the white isn’t just an incidental addition in the form of floral fillers, blank spaces on wedding stationery, or candles. The more colors you add to your wedding color scheme, the more likely it is that you’ll have trouble finding stuff that features all of your hues together. Luckily, you don’t have to have every color on every little thing. Observe:

black lime pink wedding inspiration

Featured on this pink, green, black, and white inspiration board are damask border table numbers from Papeterie; pink, green, and white bridesmaids bouquets by Pure Joy carried by bridesmaids in black; pink, green, and white favor cards; a pink, green, and black button bouquet from the amazing Princess Lasertron; adorable bridesmaids in green with black sweaters and pink scarves; a sweet table by Ravishing Radish featuring a cake by Tallant House; a chic and blingy wedding cake from a dessert table designed by Couture Cakery; and finally, a floral centerpiece that features almost all the colors in this scheme (even if you can’t see them).

NtB Loves: Simple Silhouettes

Bells and whistles? Some brides just don’t need ’em when it comes to their bridesmaids’ dresses. But there sure are a lot of sashes, bows, ruching, and patterns out there these days. What’s a basics-loving bride to do? Enter Simple Silhouettes, solving the bridesmaid frippery problem one classically chic dress at a time.

Simple Silhouettes bridesmaid


LOVE/HATE: The ‘White On White With White’ Edition

white dresses bridesmaids

Bad luck to show up to a wedding wearing white? Hardly, if you’re a bridesmaid in certain weddings! Are you a true traditionalist? Then you could say that choosing white bridesmaids dresses in keeping with tradition — old tradition, that is, what with the bride’s attendants dressing just like her to confuse all those demons and evil spirits that were always causing trouble way back in the day. In this very pretty picture of a real wedding taken by the talented Agaton Strom, we see four women in white and not one of them is the bride. Based on this pic, I am loving white bridesmaids dresses. They’re fresh and pretty and summery and romantic, and if the bride wants her ‘maids to dress in white, who are we to tell her they shouldn’t?

What say you?

Happy New Year from Never teh Bride and Twistie!

silver wedding inspiration board

As always, we wish you and yours a wonderful new year! We expect that 2010 will be a wonderful time for all things wedding, but until all that’s in store reveals itself, here is some lovely silver wedding inspiration to see you into a whole near year. What’s this? Traveling in a roughly clockwise direction, there is a beautiful (though sadly unidentified) silver wedding dress, a Victorian-inspired bolero from Bonzie, a very pretty silver belt from Little White Dresser, delicate lily earrings from Elle Jewelry, wintery wedding invitations from Social Notes, flirty bridesmaids’ dresses from J.Crew, flashy silver lamé pumps from Christian Louboutin, and last but not least, a unique cloth bouquet from Milk Pod Studio. Enjoy!

Purple and Red, the New Brown and Blue?

Over the past few seasons, the color combination of chocolate brown and Tiffany, robin’s egg, or baby blue has reigned supreme. Now, though, it seems folks are ready for a change. The hot new color combo according to the gurus is purple and red.

This colorway can wind up looking like you’re getting married in the middle of a meeting of the Red Hat Society:
Red Hat Society but it doesn’t have to. Don’t believe me? Take a look after the cut and see the possibilities.

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