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Wedding Dresses | Manolo for the Brides - Part 10
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LOVE/HATE: The ‘Missy Messy’ Edition

Here we have a gold taffeta wedding dress from Mooshki, and I have to say that I rather like it. But I have always been a fan of pick-ups and gathers and that sort of thing on a big poufy skirt, so (the decolletage aside) this is right up my ally. I understand that it’s not everyone’s forte, however. In fact, as I was poking around in the world of wedding blogs just the other day, I stumbled upon so many brides-to-be professing to hate hate hate all the pick-ups and gathers all over wedding dresses these days.

So today’s LOVE/HATE isn’t so much about this wedding dress, but about the aforementioned excess of pick-ups and gathers in today’s bridal fashions. There’s only so much you can do with a pick-up, which is I think why we’re starting to see things like this and this, where one looks like a cake that’s spilled over its pan and the other is just indescribable.

Seriously – what is going on in that dress on the left?

Me first, me first. As much as I love pick-ups and gathers on wedding dresses, I hate the fact that designers are continually searching for new and innovative places to put them. A little pouf? Even a lot of pouf? Fantastic. But maybe it’s time to start thinking about taking it down a notch. Right? Right?

LOVE/HATE: The ‘Ackbasswards’ Edition

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone outside of the realm of busybody biddies who has a problem with colored wedding dresses, but I’m loathe to believe that they’re overtaking white wedding dresses in terms of popularity. When, after all, was the last time you attended a wedding where the bride wore purple and the bridesmaids were in white (like in this pretty picture from Simply Bloom Photography)? But frankly, I LOVE the idea. Why not take the usual wedding color template and mix it up a little? It’s not like anyone at the wedding will have trouble identifying the bride!

Would you consider wearing a colored gown and dressing your bridesmaids in white?

Why Go Short When Choosing Your Wedding Dress?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe you’re eloping. Maybe you’re buying a wedding dress for a destination wedding? Maybe your wedding locale is just too darn hot for some full-length, multi-layer frock that will have you sweating like a pig minutes into the ceremony. Even if it is just underpants sweat. Or could be you just plain like the way short wedding dresses look and feel on your body.

Whatever your reason for choosing a short wedding dress, you’ve got my support. While I wouldn’t wear one because a short wedding dress is going to make me look like a frosted mushroom with legs, I do think they’re super cute on the right brides. And I am really digging on these short wedding dresses from Jenny Yoo because they look like a lot of fun and just the thing for a smart warm weather wedding that’s not too formal.


Glamour Brides and All That Jazz

One of the best and worst things about shopping for a wedding dress is that you encounter so many gowns that are amazing on the hanger or would look beautiful on someone else. I know, I know. Twistie and I have both said many times that the bride-to-be should try on a variety of wedding dresses, including frocks that aren’t usually her style. Just to see because you never know. I’ve heard stories from more than one bride about finding that perfect wedding dress that was nothing like anything she would have ever imagined herself wearing.

Now of course, I get to experience this all the time. This or that wedding dress is amazing – wouldn’t wear it, couldn’t wear it, but still amazing. Which is how I’m feeling right now looking at all the brilliant 1920s inspired wedding dresses from Lindsay Fleming! Gowns like those? Not meant for busty, hippy ol’ me, but on the right bride? Magnificent! I’m not kidding when I say all her designs are delicious and made out of gorgeous stuff like sandwashed silk crepe, pure silk tulle, silk backed velvet, and other yummy stuff. Plus with all Lindsay Fleming designs, the bride can alter this or that detail to suit her own tastes. (There are more pics under the cut!)


LOVE/HATE: The ‘Lady In Red’ Edition

Not too long ago, relatively speaking, red wedding dresses were the hotness. If you wanted an alternative or colored wedding dress, that rack of red wedding dresses (with traditional or non-traditional silhouettes) may very well have been the first place you looked. But now? I haven’t heard anyone talking up red as a color alternative to white for some time. Silver? Sure. Purple? Now and then. But I’d say the red wedding dress trend has officially petered out.

But it’s still easier to find a red gown that looks like a wedding dress or comes from a wedding gown designer’s collection than it is to find, say, a forest green wedding dress or a yellow wedding dress. I’m sure that will eventually change, but wedding fashion trends tend to change slowly and I won’t be surprised not to find an orange wedding dress on my next trip to bridal salon. So what’s nice is that red wedding dresses are still out there for those brides who want them, and to that I say “Great.” I’d like to see more wedding gowns in more colors, not fewer!

Now back to red. Now that red isn’t the it color for brides who want a non-white (and non-ivory, non-cream, non-shell, non-diamond, etc.) gowns, what do you REALLY think of red wedding dresses? Me? I still love them, as long as they’re not that weird deep red that reminds me too much of band uniforms and hotel drapery.

White is All Right, Black is Beautiful, and You Can Make Up Your Own Mind

CNN’s website recently ran a story on wedding gowns that has many wedding professionals in a bit of a tizzy. The story, entitled Brides Buck Tradition and Ditch the White Dress, written by Stephanie Goldberg, claims that white gowns are on the way out and being replaced by large numbers of women wearing other colors.

In fact, the article includes this quote from a bridal consultant named Susan Rodgers:

“I think they figured out that everyone really didn’t look good in white. … Nobody orders white anymore. It’s kind of a faux pas.”

And the article featured discussion of several individual brides who chose to wear other colors.

Bridal surveys at Bridal Guide, though, would dispute this idea. According to their 2002 survey, 57% of bridal gowns were white, 38% ivory, and the remaining 5% ‘some other color.’ This trend continues much the same in their 2009 survey which found that 58% of bridal gowns were white, 37% ivory, and – you guessed it – 5% in other colors.

The Knot breaks it down a bit further in their 2009 survey. They found that 27% of gowns were stark white, 25% diamond white. That’s 52% white gowns, for those who aren’t quick with their math. They further found that 39% of brides went for ivory, 4% for champagne or rum, and 6% other.

In short, far from being a ‘faux pas’ it would appear that white continues to be the single most popular color for wedding gowns.

Now I’m willing to believe (in fact I do believe) the number of women wearing dresses that are neither white nor ivory is a bit higher than The Knot and Bridal Guide would indicate, since the people who answer their surveys are the sorts of people who would read their more traditional guides to getting married. I’m guessing that there is a certain percentage of brides who would no more dream of wearing a white gown than they would of responding to a survey on The Knot.

So what am I trying to say with all of the statistics and all of the waffling? Just this. It’s not up to the experts or the rebels or the Wedding Industrial Complex or your soon-to-be-mother-in-law what color you wear. It’s up to you.

Whether you feel you look best and most bridal in stark white or lime green, ivory or incandescent orange, choose that color. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should wear on your wedding day. Be the best, most beautiful you that you can imagine.

LOVE/HATE: The ‘Big On Bows’ Edition

Yours truly never considered short wedding dresses for even a second, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become super traditional when it comes to the dresses I’ll wear. But that doesn’t mean I can’t dig on short wedding dresses on you lovelies or on models and mannequins. So for this week’s edition of LOVE/HATE, here’s a Red Valentino dress in ivory looks like it would be a lot of fun at a casual wedding or for a bride who’s eloping. It features a crew neckline, bow detailing, pleats, frills, and a lined interior, all in satin and crepe. And if you’re a size 4, it’s on sale for $325 at YOOX.

So what do you think? I kind of love it, but I’d kind of love it on someone who’s not shaped like me. On me, it would look like a sack.

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