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Wedding Dresses | Manolo for the Brides - Part 5
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Finding the Gown that Makes the Most of You

(Image via The Breathtaking Bride)

Shopping for a wedding gown can be one of the most exciting, and one of the most frustrating parts of planning a wedding.

It’s exciting because you’re getting to play dress up with wildly luxurious dresses, the like of which you will probably never wear again. It’s exciting because finding that just right dress makes the whole thing seem real for the first time to a lot of women. It’s exciting because salons pamper brides.

It’s frustrating because it’s rare that a bride has the budget for the really spectacular gowns. It’s frustrating because sometimes it’s hard to know which gown to pick… especially when choosing between gowns that look an awful lot alike. It’s frustrating because everyone you bring with you has an opinion, and sometimes it’s the polar opposite of yours, which leads to second-guessing and fear of making a bad decision.

And then there are those oh-so-helpful guides to choosing the right gown for your figure flaws.

LOVE/HATE: Architechtural Meets Ballerina

Okay, folks, what think you of this gown (named Parker) from Amsale’s Fall 2012 collection?

For my part, I find it rather confused. The bodice is satin with the currently trendy one-strap look and a geometrical crumb catcher. It hits nearly every major trend except for lace.

Then the skirt is simply a huge pouf of tulle.

I think how it really strikes me is unfinished. The lines, while not my personal faves, aren’t awful by any means. Each part has the potential to be kind of amazing… but there’s nothing holding this design together. Perhaps I would like it better if there were some form of embellishment that was used on both parts. Then again, I don’t think a major statement bodice like that can really use embellishing. I think what it needs is a different skirt. And an etherial skirt like that never looks quite right to my eyes with a highly structured bodice, so I think it needs a softer, more romantic top.

In short, I find this a little scattered, with each half having great potential if paired with something that suits it better. I have to go with hate on this.

What say all of you?

LOVE/HATE: The Twilight Wedding Gown Lite

Ha! Fooled you! This is just a random shot from one of the Twilight films. Thing is, I know there are at least three Twihards out there who haven’t seen Breaking Dawn Part One yet, and I’m not going to spoil them. You’ll have to look under the cut.

Not Your Mother’s Wedding Gown

If you’re a bride in your twenties, chances are your mother wore something very similar to this. Yes, it’s the quintessential eighties wedding gown. And somewhere out there, a loving mother is trying to make her daughter wear it when she walks down the aisle.

But Mom, while this was the top of the pops in 1983, it isn’t anymore. And remember how you didn’t want to wear your mother’s wedding gown that looked like this?

Things to Consider Before Choosing

Everybody knows there are lots of things to think about when choosing a wedding gown. Price, how long it will take to get delivered, what accessories to choose, whether you prefer jewels or lace as accents, etc. But there are some other things to think about before you make that big decision that you may not have considered yet.

Let’s take a look at a couple of those things, shall we?

LOVE/HATE: Etherially Etherial

Different brides want different looks. They have different styles. This gown is by Jill Stuart, a designer whose work is available, alas, mostly in Asia. I say alas, because I find I’m oddly taken with it.

Believe it or not, I’m not a fuss and feathers kind of gal, for the most part. But I do have a Boho heart and a fondness for ballerinas that transcends the fact I don’t actually care at all for the ballet. In short, I’m a mass of contradictions.

And while I definitely get that this gown isn’t for everyone, I have to go with love. Yes, the crumb catcher ruffles make her look a little like a Christmas cracker, but in a good way, I think. I love the soft coloring and feminine lines. About the only thing I would change is to take off those twee little gloves. The whole thing gives off a confectionary vibe dear to my baking-obsessed soul.

So yeah, love here. What about you?

LOVE/HATE: Basic Black

The other day, legendary bridal designer Vera Wang came out with her new line. It’s a little different. It featured a lot of black and black with nude gowns.

I think my views on black at weddings are well known around here. I’m not a fan. I do, however, think that if the bride wants to wear black… well, it’s her wedding and she’s absolutely entitled to wear any darn color she likes. I’ve even seen a couple wedding gowns that feature black that I (GASP! CONSTERNATION!) have actually found both pretty and bridal.

These… I have to say that I’m not loving most of them, as wedding gowns or even as just gowns. I have no doubt that since they’re Wangs, they’re impeccably made and littered with exquisite details it’s hard to see at this size. Overall, though, they read kind of blah to me. The black on black on black is kind of oppressive and the nude just seems drab and sad. Then again, I think most tulle confections are better served by lighter coloration, such as white or pastels. Black tulle is something I appreciate more as a contrast than a major statement.

So yeah, I’m going with hate here. How about you?

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