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Event: Eco Expo in San Ramon City Center

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


According to DIY eco-wedding planner Sally Steele, it takes roughly 8,000 trees planted to offset the average 200-person wedding. That’s the combined effect of invitations, travel, food, packaging, shipping costs, the manufacturing of wedding accessories, and more. Since, however, I am not entirely sure that planting 8,000 trees will do anything to fix wedding waste after the fact, my suggestion is to go as green as you can right up front, when you can actually make a difference.

If you’ll be in or near San Ramon City Center, CA on August 29th and 30th, why not stop by the I Do Eco Green Wedding Faire, which is part of the first annual Eco-Festival? The, ahem, faire will explore ll aspects of eco-friendly matrimony (even if many of them are pretty self-explanatory), including sustainable products, services, and entertainment. Plus, Glamour Closet will be there hosting a wedding gown reduc, where you can either sell your old wedding gown, bridesmaid dress, MOB dress, or flower girl dress, or score someone else’s at a fraction of the original price.

*Dresses by Annatarian