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Love you, like you…rejection?

Three Crimson Amaryllis in Nursery Pot - Harry and David

No, I’m not talking about the progression of most marriages these days. I’m talking about bouquets. Not that I hold much stock in flower meanings – considering that many of the meanings were derived during those periods in history were courtship was something kept strictly under wraps. A bouquet of daffodils and daisies wrapped in delicate fern leaves could tell a woman that her beau was enthralled by her yet put great stock in her innocence. Asphodel, on the other hand, would tell her that her beau’s regrets would follow him to the grave. Cheery!

When choosing nuptial blooms, it’s a good idea to consult a florist, even if you’re planning on doing all of the bouquets and arrangements yourself. A knowledgable florist will be able to tell you what will be in season, what won’t wilt after only a few hours, and what will match your color scheme best. If you’re going to work closely with a florist, it’s recommended that you choose one six to twelve months before the big day, as many of the best wedding floral designers are booked well in advance.

That said, I’m not sure many florists these days are going to know the meanings of all the different blossoms they carry. So, for your reference and amusement, I’ll point you to a rather comprehensive list as compiled by About.com. And then I’ll point you to some of the more interesting (and negative) ones:

ASTILBE: I’ll still be waiting


PINK CARNATION: Capriciousness

CALENDULA: Grief and jealousy


LARKSPUR: Fickleness

DAHLIA: Instability


YELLOW CARNATION: You have disappointed me

PRIMROSE: Inconstancy

WOLFSBANE: Misanthropy


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