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Safety First!

(via Ballroom Dance San Diego)
Actually, it doesn’t say anything specific about dance disasters, but come on, who could pass up that illustration?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the CDC’s tongue-in-cheek advice for emergency preparedness for wedding season.

As CDC blogger Caitlin Shockey points out, wedding season does hit right smack dab in the middle of hurricane season. Therefore it behooves one to have an emergency plan in place:

“If a tornado warning rips through the area, would you know what to do? 200 guests are not going to be able to crowd into the one windowless bathroom.”

Other recommendations include sedatives and chocolates in case of an overwrought bride, and bandages in case of accident involving the flower girl.

Sadly lacking, though, any word of what to do if your wedding is interrupted by Zombie attack. Should that be a problem you’re concerned about, fear not. The CDC does have advice for you on that front, too.

Remember, safety first and be prepared!

What Price a Bridesmaid’s Dress?

(Image via Emily the Professional Bridesmaid)
We all know that bridesmaid’s dresses are expensive, and ugly, and not something you can ever wear again… unless you get an amazing break from a very special friend. But The Awl decided to ask whether the price of bridesmaid’s dresses has really increased significantly over the years in real money.

After all, you may have paid $35.00 for a bridesmaid’s dress in 1972, but after adjustment for inflation, how different is that from spending $200.00 on a Desigual dress today.

Oh, they also asked whether people re-wore those gowns. The answers ranged from women who wore bridesmaid’s dresses until they literally fell apart to one colorful tale I’ll give a highlight from:

As for wearing it again, I would fish clothes from a foetid river before wearing that dress again. I hung in the back of my mother’s guest room closet, and refused to even bring it home to Boston. You can’t cut up stretch knit for cleaning rags, after all. They don’t absorb. Although, against my usual environmental sensibilities, I hope it is in a landfill. I hope that in 300 years or more, it is excavated more or lest intact, causing the people of the future to acknowledge fashion travesties of the past that they must not repeat.

But don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think.

As for the results of the poll… well, they aren’t terribly scientific, based as they are on whoever happened to see and answer the poll, assuming they’re telling the full, unvarnished truth about the price tags, and realizing they didn’t get even one response that concerned any wedding in the eighties. Still, what they did come up with is kind of intriguing. Go check it out and learn more.

Then come back and tell me the worst horror story you have about a bridesmaid’s gown. Was it something you were forced to wear? Did you inflict it on someone else and now wish you hadn’t? Dish, folks! Let’s hear it!

Let’s Honeymoon on the Death Star

Millennium Falcon Wedding Cake

I got all giddy seeing this fabulous cake of the Millennium Falcon, complete with ‘Just Married’ banner. Check out more pics at Between the Pages… and if anyone can tell me who made this wonderful cake, I’d love to feature more of their work.

Plastic Lives of Quiet Desperation

As a little girl, I was taught about happily ever after from fairy tales. And of course I believed in it whole-heartedly. As a matter of fact, I still believe that a form of it is possible… it’s just not quite what we were told when Mom and Dad read Cinderella to us or when they popped a copy of Beauty and the Beast into the VCR to keep the little ones quiet after a long day and a couple gin and tonics.

But it’s easy to see how one could become a tidge jaundiced about the whole concept. Divorce is a fact of life that many of us have seen first – or at least second – hand.

Well, photographer Dina Goldstein decided to explore marital malaise through the symbology of one of the most happily ever after couples of our times: Barbie and Ken.

The results range from the hilarious to the moderately disturbing, as Barbie and Ken deal with their mutual frustration and his growing confusion about his sexuality.

This is a dollhouse Ibsen himself would have hesitated to write about, with overtones of Edward D. Wood, Jr., or at least Glen or Glenda.

Note: Yes, I know that transvestitism is not the same as being gay. In fact, the majority of transvestites are straight. Gay men who cross dress are far more likely to be drag queens, which is a whole other ball of wax.

Three’s a Charm

This is Sarah Clark and her new husband, Jonathan Humphreys at their wedding last saturday.

This is Clark’s parents on their wedding day in 1984:

Me and My Gallifreyan

(via Fashionably Geek)
I’m too busy having a fangirl squee moment to write anything coherent.

Take the box! Take the box!

Is a Surprise Wedding for You?

By now, most of you have probably heard that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg married longtime lady love Priscilla Chan yesterday. As always, I hope you will join with me in wishing them a long, happy marriage.

But there’s one aspect of this wedding you might not have heard about yet: it was a surprise to the entire guest list.

Chan had graduated from medical school during the week, and she and Zuckerberg sent out invitations to a graduation party. But when guests arrived, well, Chan was wearing a white gown and veil and the next thing guests knew, they were witnessing the start of a new marriage.

While this approach certainly isn’t for everybody, I have to say I like the concept. It’s low key, so it’s easier to avoid jitters. Nobody is expecting a wedding, so they don’t worry about shelling out money they can’t afford on new clothes and gifts. You don’t have to corral your nearest girlfriends into the bridal salon to argue over which available dress they hate least as a group. Nobody can accuse you of boring them to death with wedding details. Nobody has a chance to object to the aspect of the wedding that means the most to you.

In short, all you need to do is organize a party in a place you like, invite the people you’re closest to, nab yourself an officiant, get a license, and give everyone there the surprise of their lives! It’s up to you whether to plan for months or do it on a couple days’ notice, whether to include traditional trappings or drop every wedding convention except the vows.

I took a long time to plan my wedding to Mr. Twistie. I enjoyed the entire process. I loved sharing my plans with others. But there’s definitely something to be said for keeping an exciting secret, too.

So how about you? Would you ever consider a surprise wedding?

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