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A New Dawn for Equality

Hey folks, I’m back! The last couple of weeks, I’ve had some technical difficulties, but the Manolo has fixed them and here I am again. Let’s all give the Manolo a big round of applause!


These two lovely, smiling ladies are Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd. After more than ten years together, they became the first New York same-sex couple to be married just seconds past midnight, this very early morning.

The ceremony, held at Niagra Falls, was timed carefully so that their vows would happen at the first possible moment they could be legal. And for the first time ever, the falls were lit in rainbow colors.

Several hundred friends, family members, and even some of the lawmakers whose votes made the moment possible were in attendance as the couple took their vows. The ceremony was performed by Mayor Paul Dyster, and a state supreme court justice was on hand to waive the usual twenty-four hour waiting period for couples issued a marriage license. The same waiver has been granted to a number of other same-sex couples for this day.

Yeah, I think most of them have had to wait long enough.

Congratulations, Kitty and Cheryle! Congratulations to all the happy couples taking their vows in New York this week!

May you all have long, happy, fulfilling marriages.

Doogie Takes a Husband

We here at Manolo for the Brides hope you will all join us in wishing many happy years to Neil Patrick Harris and his now official finace, David Burtka.

The two have been engaged and wearing rings for the past five years, but with the New York Senate’s vote to legalize same-sex marriage in the state, they can now plan the wedding of their dreams.

Congratulations, Messers Harris and Burtka!

We would also like to extend our best wishes to all the other same-sex couples in New York who can now decide for themselves when or whether to take the marriage plunge.

Looking For an Officiant? Check Your Cell.

Finding a wedding officiant can be a chore for those who don’t belong to a particular religion, don’t believe in a god or gods so would rather not be married by clergy, find the idea of choosing a spiritual minister out of the phone book kind of weird, or don’t have the faintest notion of where one finds a justice of the peace. Heck, even the unaffiliated but still religious couple may be in for a rude awakening when they look for someone to perform their wedding ceremony.

Keeping that in mind, I’m not surprised that the number of couples looking to traditional clergy when choosing a wedding officiant is dropping. According to the Wedding Report, clergy performed 70 percent of all weddings in 2008. In 2009, it was down to 62 percent, and apparently even more brides and grooms are now thinking outside the box when it comes to finding a wedding officiant.

What’s outside that box? For many brides and grooms, it’s friends and family! Instead of looking through the phone book when it comes time to decide who will coach them through their wedding vows, they’re looking no further than the contacts lists in their cell phones.



This isn’t something we often talk about here at Manolo for the Brides. After all, the point of this blog is to help blushing (and not so blushing) brides plan their weddings through budget tips, inspiring pics of pretty things, and general ‘woo hoo, weddings!’ cheerleading.

The fact is, however, that divorce is how a heck of a lot of marriages end. The common wisdom is that half of all marriages end in divorce. The good news, according to this article at The Daily Beast, is that the statistic is now closer to a 40% chance of divorce.

The article goes on to note fifteen things that can make a divorce more likely in your relationship. Some are not terribly surprising, such as how often you argue about money or if one of you smokes and the other doesn’t. Some are more surprising, such as whether you have a son or a daughter (parents of boys are less likely to break up, it seems).

Update: Justice Is Done

Sorry to step on NtB’s toes, but this piece of news has me dancing a jig.

Keith Bardwell has resigned as Justice of the Peace as of yesterday!

Terrence and Beth Humphrey McKay are going ahead with their civil suit against Bardwell and his wife. I don’t know about you, but I wish them the very best of luck in that effort as well as a long and happy marriage.

Injustice of the Peace

I want to talk about something serious here for a moment, if I may. And I may because, hey, it’s on topic and I think it’s important and on the weekends I can write what I like here.

Two days ago, I read a news story that disturbed me greatly. It was about a Justice of the Peace in Louisiana who had taken it upon himself to decide not to perform marriage ceremonies between couples of differing races.

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